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Top 10 Most Famous Last Words Spoken Before The Death Of Its Owner

When being about to leave life, people are much eager to tell the truth, state a right, regret a mistake, or even give an advice. So, moments of death have witnessed and heard many last words of celebrities, actors, political leaders, writers…etc.  From these words, we selected the top 10 most famous last words that bear many significant meanings.

10 “I can’t sleep.”

The Scottish novelist Sir James Matthew Barrie uttered these last words while he on his deathbed. He was nursed until he died of pneumonia. He was buried beside his parents in Kirriemiur Cemetery in Scotland.

9 “Is it not meningitis?”

Louisa May Alcott, the American novelist had been anguishing from an indefinite disease, her health turned not as good as soon after visiting poorly father. At her last moments, she said these words thinking that it was meningitis she was ill with. Yet after her death, it was discovered that she died of mercury poisoning which she got when treated for typhoid fever.

8 “Thomas Jefferson…”

The first vice president of the United States, John Adams, used to say the name of Thomas Jefferson still survives whilst he was alive. Died in 1826, Adams uttered Thomas Jefferson. Some believed he intended to say that Thomas Jefferson still survives, yet fate did not allow him to complete the sentence he pronounced, beginning with Thomas Jefferson.

7 “This is the last of Earth! I am content!”

John Quincy Adams the former president of the United States uttered these words on February 21, 1848, before his death. His death was attributed by a severe internal bleeding after a fall in the US Capitol Building. After the fall by few days, he expressed his happiness over his life.

6 “To the strongest!”

Alexander the Great was asked on his deathbed, a few seconds before his death whom he thought was praiseworthy to succeed him. In a weak voice, Alexander answered “to the strongest,” as he means one of his generals, called Krateros. Then, Alexander died, a little after his answer.

5 “I pray you to bear me witness that I meet my fate like a brave man.”

These words were said by Major John Andre. He was sentenced to death before the judicial court of America following proved guilty. James Thatcher recalled the very last moments of Major John Andre, when given the chance to utter his last words “I pray you to bear me witness that I meet my fate like a brave man” as he moved up the white handkerchief put around his head to wrap his eyes.

4 “Don’t you dare ask God to help me”

Joan Crawford, a popular movie actresses, she got cancer in her 70’s. She refused to be medically cared. On May 1977,  Joan  was offered by two nurses a soft prayer, she saw them praying, the said “Don’t you dare ask God to help me,” then took her last breathe.

3 “I should have never switched from Scotch to Martinis.”

These words were uttered by the Hollywood actor Humphrey Bogart while on his deathbed. He was diagnosed with a malignancy in his esophagus, when his health was too poor. Passing away, he called his wife and children to come near him, and said his last words before death.

2 “I am perplexed. Satan, get out!”

These words were said by heroin addict Aleister Crowley. He had been in a state of poverty when he died, while his family checked that the good spirits are with him till his last breathes. The drug negatively affected his health until he was put on the threshold of death.

1 “Pardon me, Sir, I did not do it on purpose”

Queen Marie Antoinette was charged of treason and she was sentenced to death by guillotine with King Louis XVI of France, her spouse. She was taken through Paris and made fun of. When she was preparing to live her last seconds, she accidentally stepped on the foot of her slayer and politely said her last words of apologize, “Pardon me, Sir, I did not do it on purpose”.




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