Top 10 Hottest Places In The World

Summer is a season when snow vanishes; rain disappears and fog of frosty weather farewells. It is said by some that it is the season of holiday and freshness, where people gather in groups on beaches, saying good-bye to the winter and the raindrops sliding on the windows. Yet, the world embraces some extreme spots that are deemed to be the hottest ones. Information about these spots is provided in this article, as follows:

10 Dallol, Ethiopia:

Dallol is hot township located in the Afar Depression of Ethiopia, it holds the record of the highest average yearly temperature ever recorded. It recorded about 95 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature is always hot all over the year. In 1960, it was one of the mining settlements. Moreover, Afar Depression is a volcanically active area that is not far from a volcano holding the same name.

9Timbuktu, Mali:

Desertification is a most important concern in Timbuktu, as immense dunes covers the city that is commonly buried in windswept sand. Temperature is soaring in this town, it reaches 130 degrees Fahrenheit, but do not dash your hopes, the Niger River is only about 15 miles away.

8 Tirat Zvi, Israel:

The religious kibbutz located in Israel, in particular Beit She’an Valley. It is placed 722 feet below sea level. Jordan River does not contribute a lot in cooling this area; it is still deemed a hot place, where temperature is 129 degrees. In order to flee heat, people plunge into pools fed by springs.

7  Kebili, Tunisia:

It is a desert oasis in Tunisia. It still has palm trees that provide shadows. Measuring the temperature, it soared at 131 degrees Fahrenheit. However, it is a must-visit town, as it is so charming. Indeed, it is not full of residents, but almost vacant.

6  Jizan, Saudi Arabia:

Jizan is a city that is positioned in the south of KSA. Being one of the most extremes in the globe, the temperature is recorded in July at average 101 degrees Fahrenheit. The water bodies surrounding this area do not provide a hand of help to get the temperature down. I think it also requires winter clothes to protect yourself from burning.

5 Ghadames, Libya:

It is a desert oasis, the World Heritage Site, according to UNESCO. It is situated in the Nalut District of the Tripolitania area at the north west of Libya. Ghadames is characterized of the desert climate. In July, the temperature reaches about 105, it is the hottest month all over the year. The oasis has short warm winters.

4 Rub’ al Khali, Arabian Peninsula:

It is the main sand desert in the world. Rub’ al Khali covers an area of about third of the Arabian Peninsula. It is not only hot, but dry as well. Temperatures are recorded soaring; the average reaches 133 degrees Fahrenheit. Humans are not recommended to settle there. So, if you visit this place, do not forget to bring your shoes with you, because the expanses of the sands are absolutely hot.

3 Death Valley, United States:

It is located in the Mojave Desert of California. It is the hottest area in North America and its highest temperature ever recorded is 134 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperature recorded in the valley is cut from the same cloth of that in Rub’ al Khali. When rains fall, wildflowers come into clear from their dried up cell and cover the valley flooring in stunning blooms. Puzzling moving rocks reside in Death Valley. Actually, it is a picturesque place that you must-visit.

2 Australia’s Badlands:

Much of the Australian continent is desert. In Australia’s Badlands, temperature readings record at the season of drought about 156 degrees Fahrenheit. The area has no many residents; it is a remote one, where you feel that sands themselves produce heat. Summers of the badlands are awfully hot. If you decide to have a visit to this area, you have to be well-equipped to face the intense heat.

1 Dasht-e Lut, Iran:

Actually, it the hottest place on Earth. Ironically, it is said that you can feel as if you are touching the sun itself. Temperature is not monitored on a regular basis as it is an isolated region. The highest reading ever officially measured and accredited for a location on Earth is the Lut as it reaches 159.3 degrees Fahrenheit.

Summer is a chance for having a holiday in moderately hot sunny climate, but it is not the same with the above mentioned places, where heat cannot be endured. Some are slightly hotter than the others, but it will not make a difference. It is like jumping out from the frying pan into the fire.







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