Top 10 Warmest Places in The World You Can Live In

There are a lot of sources that speak about the warmest places in the world. But, no one can give accurate details about all the hottest places in the world; as the annual temperature changes every year. Here in this list, we will display ten of the warmest places in the whole world.

10 Africa

The main cause of warming in southern Africa over the past two decades is the infamous hole in the ozone layer above Antarctica. For instance, Africa Berbera in Somalia, Djibouti City, Assab and Massawa in Eritrea, are the warmest African towns. During the colonial era, Berbera had an average annual temperature of 85.5°F (29.7°C) for the POR of 1908-1950 and Massawa from 1932-1950. This shows that Africa with its towns is the warmest place on earth. “The development of the ozone hole could, in fact, be the dominant cause of the increase in temperature over southern Africa,” Manatsa, a climate scientist, told LiveScience.

9 Mecca, Asia

This holiest of all Islamic cities is best known for the suggested pilgrimage called The Hajj. Mecca is the hottest city in the world not in Asia only; because of the average high temperature for the entire year, which is 99°F/37°C, and during June it peaks at 109°F/43°C. You must know that Mecca receives rain on an average of only 12 days each year.

8 Luxor, Egypt

Egypt temperature is not very hot, so you can say that it is a moderate climate. One of the hottest cities in Egypt is Luxor, that is known for the Valley of the Kings. Tourists called this place as “world’s greatest open-air museum”. You must know that every day reaches at least 100°F/38°C from May through September. Also, the hottest temperature ever recorded in this place was 122°F/50°C, and that was in May.

7 Wyndham Port, Australia

This place is one of the warmest places in the world; and this is because of the nature of this place that makes it the hottest one. It is known for the wet season from late November to March and the dry season from April to early November with an average maximum temperature of 39.5°C (103.1°F). This shows that life in this place is very difficult.

6 Ciudad Altamirano, Mexico

North America’s highest temperature ever recorded is 134 degrees Fahrenheit. Ciudad Altamirano is one of the warmest places in Mexico States by the statistics of the average of the annual temperature.  The last POR for Ciudad Altamirano is a 28.0°C (82.4°F) annual average.

5 Lerapetra, Europe

Lerapetra is a small city located in the south eastern part of Crete on the Mediterranean Sea. In Lerapetra, you can enjoy the warmth and relax. But you must know that it is known for wintry weather and extreme heat or hurricanes. This place has many awesome hotels that you can sit in. The average of every year of Lerapetra can vary between 19.1°C and 19.7°C.

4 George Island, Antarctica

The island of King George is the warmest place on the coldest continent. But, it is covered by ice. This place is part of the South Shetland Islands chain off the coast of Graham Land, Antarctica. This shows that it is a very weird place; as it is a hot city within a cold continent. So,the climate is classified as polar, and the weather is highly variable and harsh.

3 La Union, El Salvador, Central America

Choluteca, Honduras and La Union are the deadliest places because of the statistical dead heat. This shows that these places are not only one of the warmest places, but also places that can kill you; because of the bad temperature. So, do not try to make a trip in this place.

2 Oceania,Wyndham

This place is warm and humid throughout most of the year. Within Oceania, the warmest city is Wyndham in Australia, which averages 29.5 °C for the year. But, one should know that the climate in Oceania is divided into two parts; the first of these is temperate and the second is tropical. So, this means that the climate in Oceania is cold in winters and warm to hot in summers.

1 Netherlands, Caribbean

Netherlands is perhaps the warmest place in the Caribbean. It is known for a tropical climate with warm weather all year round. In Netherlands, there are the Leeward Islands that are warmer and drier than the Windward Islands. So, this place is a very perfect place to enjoy.

To sum up, there are a lot of hot places in the world, but there are also places of a moderated and proper temperature.

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