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Top Seafood Kitchens in America

Some of the best seafood is right here in the United States. Catches are so fresh you would think the chef has a personal walk-in cooler or true refrigeration with fresh fish waiting to be grabbed.

So where is the best seafood in America? This will be a debate forever argued because can you really rate one place above the other? In no specific order, here are some of the best seafood kitchens in America.

 The Best Seafood Kitchens in America Worth Checking Out  

1 Hawaii

The Fresh Catch resides in a turquoise-type building in Oahu, Hawaii. They are known for their seafood in a fast food type of setting. This is a place where all the locals go, and if the locals are there, you know it is amazing.

This place has even gotten the thumbs up from the tough food critic and Food Network’s own: Guy Fieri. They are known for their sashimi platters and poke dishes. Their fish is so fresh you would assume that their under-counter refrigerators make the fish itself.

2 California

Coastal Living is famous for their ability to move on the coast and find the best restaurants out there.  To no surprise, they stumbled on a California favorite, Spencer Makenzie’s.

Resting in Ventura, California, Spencer Makenzie’s is famous for their tempura-fried tacos called “Brooklyn Style”. Their special ingredient is adding a dollop of sweet chili sauce and a creamy sauce that is a Spencer house original.

3 New York

Cue Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York!” It seems as if you can’t talk about California without New York being in the midst.

Seafood City is a proud family-oriented restaurant that is known for their seafood among the locals and visitors. Not only do they have the best seafood, but they also cater to the kids through their offered rides and a video game arcade.

4 Alaska

Catch a flight to go across the country and head to Anchorage, Alaska where Man vs. Food couldn’t defeat their house platter. Humpy’s Great Alaskan Alehouse is notorious for their large portions and where the fan-favorite halibut is ordered regularly.

Aside from the halibut, the Alaskan King Crab in all its glory is an item that never goes unordered. Humpy’s also serves a variety of ales. Most of them are Alaskan brewed, which can be seen in their refrigerators.

5 New Orleans

Now, you can’t talk about seafood and not bring it the mother of the south, New Orleans, Louisiana. Louisiana has to be a place that has the most variety when it comes to seafood. Picking just one is very hard to do.

Clesi’s Restaurant and Catering offers one of the best places to grab crawfish. The inside of the restaurant is best for a chill vibe. When you go outside, it feels like you entered a crawfish boil and everyone is your friend.

 Choose Your First Seafood Destination 

In places like Hawaii to Alaska and even the east coast, seafood is one food that is enjoyed in all areas of the country. From crabs, fish tacos and crawfish there’s something special about fish being perfectly seasoned.

After all this talk about seafood, a trip around the United States should be on your to-do list in the near future.

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