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Top 10 Best Benefits Of Pomegranate

Fruits are full of vitamins, which if people used to eat, they will avoid the majority of the diseases. One of the most useful fruits is the pomegranate. This amazing fruit has 10.1% sugar, 1% citric acid, 84.2% water, 3% proteins and 2.91% fibers. It is rich in vitamins (A, B, C) and low amounts of iron, phosphorus, sulfur, calcium, potassium and manganese. So, we offer you a list of the top ten benefits of pomegranate.

10 Reducing the fat stored around the stomach:

Pomegranate helps reducing the fat stored around the stomach. Studies showed that after a month of using a number of volunteers a bottle of pomegranate juice a day for each of them, they are less likely to develop fatty cells around their stomachs, they also enjoyed the low blood pressure and thus they reduced the risk liver diseases.

- Reducing the fat stored around the stomach

9 Pomegranate fights cancer:

Pomegranate juice reduces the risk of cancer and recent scientific studies have revealed that having a cup of pomegranate juice daily reduces the possibility of catching cancer, and that because it contains a lot of active substances that protects the body’s cells from cancer.

Pomegranate fights cancer

8 Pomegranate vs. cholesterol:

Latest medical research proved the positive effect of pomegranate juice in reducing the proportion of triglycerides and LDL cholesterol in the blood, and the results showed that drinking pomegranate juice concentrated cup a day for subsequent two months leads to a rise in the ratio of good cholesterol “HDL” and a decrease in the ratio of LDL cholesterol “LDL”, so it can contributes in treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

Pomegranate vs. cholesterol

7 Pomegranate fights osteoporosis and breast cancer:

Pomegranate protects women from osteoporosis and breast cancer. It was advised by the Palestinian researcher, Dr. Waseem Rock, that women should eat pomegranates when they reach the menopause to be protected from cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis and breast cancer, because of its ability to destroy cancer cells in a manner of self-suicide.

Pomegranate fights osteoporosis and breast cancer

6 Pomegranate peel fights germs:

Recent scientific studies conducted at the University of British Kingston about pomegranate peel proved that they fights topical infections caused by a type of bacteria that is resistant to some antibiotics, and contributes to finding new treatments for the type of inflammation.

Pomegranate peel fights germs

5 Pomegranate juice reduces the stress of work:

A new study has shown that having 500 ml of pomegranate daily significantly helps in reducing tension and stress levels resulting from the work, which is reached by Search Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh. Guardian UK reported that the study has tested the results of having a 500 ml-cup of pomegranate a day on 60 volunteers for a period of two consecutive weeks, the research found that it caused a significant reduction in the levels of the stress hormone “cortisol” in saliva, which led to a significant reduction in systolic and diastolic blood pressure in all volunteers, resulting in a more psychological and nervous calmness.

Pomegranate juice reduces the stress of work

4 Pomegranate is useful to still youthful:

Pomegranate is reported that a daily dose of it can slow down the aging of the DNA process, and that the pomegranate juice has some of the crust, grain and seeds, that were given to 60 volunteers per day throughout the month in the form of capsules.

Pomegranate is useful to still youthful

3 Pomegranate eliminates fever:

The queen-like fruit is known for its ability to deal with high fever and chronic diarrhea, it is intestinal anthelmintic, especially tapeworms and is useful in treatment of hemorrhoids, and is essential in the treatment of cold flu, when it is mixed with honey.

Pomegranate eliminates fever

2 Pomegranate vs. headaches:

Pomegranate protects people from mucous membranes, headaches and eye diseases, especially considering the impaired vision, beside to its effectiveness in the prevention of gum disease.

Pomegranate vs. headaches

1 Pomegranate is useful for hair:

Pomegranate is also used for hair and beauty recipes, as boiled pomegranate peel when added to other useful oils for hair and then applied to it, the hair gets stronger and brighter.

Pomegranate is useful for hair



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