Top 10 Popular Dogs in the World

Dogs are kept and trained for different purposes such as guarding buildings, hunting, performing different tasks which are related to the police departments or they are kept as pets at our homes and other purposes that differ from one person to another. Dogs also vary in their sizes, shapes, temperament and other features that make the dogs available in different types. There are some dog breeds which are ranked as the most popular dogs that are highly demanded by dog owners and this ranking differs from one year to another as it is difficult to find that the popular dogs are the same every year and are not changed. If you do not have a dog and want to bring a new one to your home or need a new companion, then why do not you take a look at the following top 10 popular dogs in the world?

10. Dachshund

It is curious, affectionate, loyal, friendly and is available in three different varieties which are long-haired, wired-haired and short-haired dachshunds. It is also available in different colors including cream, tan, black, chocolate, blue-gray and red. There are bi-color dachshunds which come in two different colors such as blue and cream, chocolate and cream, black and cream, blue and tan, black and tan or chocolate and tan.

9. Rottweiler

It is known as one of the most popular dogs that usually come every year on this list for its features which include being affectionate, confident, responsive, calm, courageous, intelligent, powerful, active and friendly to its owner in addition to the ability to use it for different and may be all the purposes such as hunting, rescue, search, a police dog, guard dog or a guide dog for blinds.

8. Poodle

It is known for being pleasant, intelligent, friendly, graceful, sensitive and can be easily trained. It is available in various colors such as gray, apricot, black and white. The main reason that makes poodle popular among those who like to keep dogs is that it has a hypoallergenic fur which makes it safe for those who suffer from allergies and hope to get a dog.

7. Boxer

It is one of the most powerful dogs and it has a strong body, square head and short hair. Although boxer is strong, it is also friendly, playful, curious, loyal, active, intelligent and gentle which makes it a good companion for you. Boxer is friendly to young children and other animals which makes it safe for being kept at home. It needs a lot of exercise in order not to turn your home into a mess.

6. Yorkshire Terrier


It is small in its size, loyal, friendly, active, intelligent and easy to be trained. It has long and silky hair and you can depend on it as a perfect watchdog.

5. Bulldog


In spite of its appearance that makes it look dangerous, strong and aggressive, you will find it gentle, affectionate, friendly, courageous and excellent as a guard dog. It is also friendly to young children and can be safely left with them at home.

4. Beagle


It is courageous, friendly to its owner and young children, loyal, energetic, active, curious and requires patience and firmness from its owner while training. It is also perfect as a hunting dog because of its hunting nose.

3. Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

It is joyful, friendly, courageous, curious, playful, intelligent, responsive and can be easily trained. It can learn over 200 commands and is perfect as a hunting dog because of having soft mouth and being courage to swim in water. All of these features make golden retriever one of the most popular dogs in the United States.

2. German Shepherd


It is known for being loyal, courageous, intelligent, playful, obedient, friendly to its owner, young children, and pets can quickly learn and requires training and learning how to socialize at an early age. It is perfect for different purposes such as search, rescue, hunting, in the military and you can use it as a police dog, guard dog, guide dog for blinds, and sheepdog. It is a perfect companion.

1. Labrador Retriever


It is ranked as the most popular dog in the world thanks to the features that it has. It was originally used for duck shooting and helping fishermen. It is known for being friendly to children and other pets, playful, active, intelligent, kind, pleasant and energetic. It can be easily trained and needs lots of exercise. You can depend on it as a perfect guide dog for blinds and aiding people with autism. It is also used as a detection dog by the police and military forces for tracking terrorists, thieves and smugglers.

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