Top 10 Most Interesting Facts About The Weather

There are some things we do not know about the weather, it is not about only high and low temperatures. Thus, here are the top 10 interesting facts about the weather.

10 Snow has another colors than white

In California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains and the alpine areas of Colorado, pink snow is infrequently spotted. It’s due to by microscopic reddish-colored algae that live only in chilly climates. While the locals name it “watermelon snow” it is poisonous. The algae can be somewhat toxic and can give you a stomach ache if you eat it.

9 Mike Seidel

The Weather Channel’s fearless field meteorologist did 1,292 live reports from the field in 2011. He follows every live report when he’s in the field. Seidel is The Weather Channel’s who is present at field usually. If there’s a storm, tornado, or cyclone anywhere in the US., you can typically see him at the airport waiting to jump on a flight.

8 Fastest wind recorded: 231 m.p.h.

Throughout a wild storm in April 1934, it is a wind gust of 231 miles per hour pushed across the peak of Mount Washington in New Hampshire. This wind pace is still the all-time surface wind velocity watched by man.

7 Most rain in 60 seconds:  1.23″

On April 7, 1956 in Maryland, 1.23″ of rain drop in a minute. Weather observer G.P. Von Eiff stated the 50-minute storm fell 2.84 inches of rain. That’s not too outstanding, except for the matter that a huge portion of it dropped in just60 seconds. The U.S. Weather Bureau ensured his instruments two times in the subsequent days and accepted his size. It is still the world record for most rain in the 60 seconds.

6 Hottest temperatures ever recorded in the U.S. was 134 degree Fahrenheit

The highest temperature recorded in the U.S. happened on July 10, 1913 in Death Valley. The official reading was 134° which is also the highest temperature reported in the Western Hemisphere. Death Valley’s sole geography is primed for great heat. Winds off the higher neighboring land, called the Great Basin, often gust hot, dry air thousands of feet down into the long, thin valley. The sheer walls of the valley fundamentally trap the heat, give out it back into the valley, leading to the already hot air to raise even hotter. July’s mean high in Death Valley is 115°, but nearly annually the temperature reaches 125°, or higher.

5 Two rainbows

Sometimes two rainbows will be shaped at the same time. When this takes place, there will be a usual rainbow and outside it will be a bigger, fainter rainbow. The second, larger rainbow will also have its colors in reverse.

4 Yuma

Yuma in the state of Arizona has more than 4,000 hours of sunshine per year to be the sunniest spot on the planet. On the other hand, the South Pole is the least sunny place – just 182 days yearly get sunshine.

3 Snowmen

The world’s biggest snowflake was reported in the Guinness Book of Records, at 38 cm wide as well as 20 cm thick. The snowflake dropped at Fort Keogh, USA on 28 January 1887. With tyres for his mouth as well as trees for arms, ‘Angus’ – the highest snowman, was created by residents of Bethel, USA, evaluating an enormous 34.63 metres. ‘Angus’ took 2 weeks to put up, and was finished on 17 February 1999.

2 The biggest hailstone

A hailstone almost the size of a bowling ball dropped in Nebraska, in the USA, in June 2003. Being 17.8cm in diameter, it is the biggest hailstone ever reported.

1 Aero plane of hurricanes

There are some particular aero planes which have been created to fly directly into storms. These planes are full with equipment to gather data about the hurricane. Weather forecasters then employ the information to forecast where the storm will go, informing people of early warnings of the hazards.


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