Top 10 Bizarre Animals that Will Stun You

It is difficult and may be impossible to assure that you know all the animal species that exist on earth even if you are a specialist because there are millions that already exist and there are others which are discovered for the first time because they are hidden and can be rarely seen. Most of these bizarre creatures are unique in their shape and have qualities that differ from other traditional species that we used to see on earth. If you are really interested in these creatures and what they look like, take a look at the following top 10 bizarre animals and birds that can be rarely seen in different areas around the world.

10. Okapi


It is also called the forest giraffe and is sometimes referred to as zebra giraffe for its characteristics. This mammal can be found in the northeast of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, in Central Africa. It has striped markings like that of the zebra but it is closer and more related to giraffes.

9. Purple Frog

It lives in Western Ghats, India and is also known as the Indian purple frog or pignose frog. It has a bloated body that is relatively rounded, small head and pointed snout. It comes to the surface of the earth for just two weeks and spends the rest of the year underground.

8. Shoebill


It has also other names like shoe-billed stork and whalehead. This bird is large in its size and looks like a stork in its form. The adults are gray in their color while the young ones are browner. It lives in swamps that are located in tropical east Africa such as Sudan and Zambia.

7. Narwhal

It is a toothed whale that is considered to be unique for its large tusk. This medium-sized creature lives in the Arctic water to be found around Russia, Greenland and Canada. It is caught by Inuit people for its ivory and meat.

6. Saiga antelope


It is an endangered species that was found in Eurasian steppe, North America and can be found now in Russia and Kazakhstan. What makes this creature unique is that it has a large-sized nose that is flexible and non-traditional in its structure.

5. Atretochoana eiselti

It is also known as Penis Snake and was rediscovered in 2011 in Brazil. It is large in its size, lacks lungs, has a snake-like body, broad and flat head and gas exchange happens in its body through the capillaries that spread in the skin and penetrate the epidermis.

4. Atheris hispida

Atheris hispida

It is also known as the rough-scaled bush viper, hairy bush viper, spiny bush viper in addition to other names. This venomous creature is covered with keeled dorsal scales. It can be found in the trees of the tropical forests that are located in Africa and it looks for most of its food at night.

3. Venezuelan poodle moth


It is a new moth species that has been recently discovered by Dr. Arthur Anker in 2009. It was found in the Gran Sabana region in Venezuela. It looks like different creatures such as Diaphora mendica and Artace.

2. Panda ant

It is given this name for the black and white color of its hair that makes it look like the Chinese giant panda. Its original name is Mutillidae and the female ants are wingless and hairy.

1. Japanese spider crab


It is stunning with its long legs that look like those of spiders. It can be found in the waters around Japan and weighs up to 19 kilograms.

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