Top 10 Unusual Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed

Are you tired of cleaning after your dog’s hair every single day? If you think that all dogs will give you this kind of problem, you better think again. Here are the top 10 unusual dog breeds that don’t shed and will surely make your life so much easier than ever before.

10 Havanese Dog Breed

Havanese Dog breed1

Havanese Dog breed3

Despite its double coat, Havanese dogs don’t shed. They can respond well to training and are also very friendly. These are highly social dogs that can make wonderful companies. Havanese dogs have a thick and silky coats but they don’t really shed that much fur.

9 Komondor Unusual Dogs

Komondor Unusual Dogs1
Komondor Unusual Dogs2

Komondor is a breed of large dogs that were originally used for herding sheep. Their coat is very distinctive as it resembles dreadlocks. It is this peculiarity of their coat that makes them one of the top 10 unusual dog breeds that don’t shed as you don’t have to brush it, thus shedding minimal hair.

8 Schnauzer Dogs

Schnauzer Dogs1
Schnauzer Dogs2

Originating from Germany, this dog breed as three types, namely giant, standard and miniature. The breed’s coat shed very little and there is also no need to groom them regularly.

7 Maltese Dogs

Maltese Dogs1
Maltese Dogs2

Maltese are small dogs that have smooth and silky white coat and fluffy appearance. These dogs don’t have an undercoat that is why they shed little hair. These dogs are hypoallergenic, making them perfect for those with allergies.

6 Boston Terrier Uncommon Dogs

Boston Terrier Uncommon Dogs1
Boston Terrier Uncommon Dogs2

Boston terriers have a friendly disposition, forming strong social bonds with their owners and are also very intelligent that make it easy to train them. Their coat is short so grooming is not needed.

5 Dachshund Dogs

Dachshund Dogs1
Dachshund Dogs2

Another small breed included in the top 10 unusual dog breeds that don’t shed are dachshunds known for their short legs and long body. They originated from Germany and are playful and highly social. Dachshunds with wired or short coat don’t shed that much.

4 Poodle Dogs

Poodle Dogs1
Poodle Dogs2

Poodles come in four sizes, specifically toy poodles, miniature poodles, standard poodles and medium poodles. They are the second most intelligent breed of dogs and their curly fur shed very little.

3 Italian Greyhound Dog

Italian Greyhound Dog1
Italian Greyhound Dog2

The Italian greyhounds are small dogs with petite build. They are friendly and playful and love to socialize with others. Their coat is very short so their hair barely sheds.

2 Irish Water Spaniel Dog Breed

Irish Water Spaniel Dog Breed1
Irish Water Spaniel Dog Breed2

The Irish water spaniels are actually a breed of large dogs and they are the biggest as far as the spaniel breed is concerned. Their coat is thick and they have dense coats. Like most of those included in the top 10 unusual dog breeds that don’t shed, their unusual coat means that you wouldn’t be worrying about their hair that much. However, you need to brush them frequently since their coat has the tendency to matt.

1 Bichon Frise Dogs

Bichon Frise Dogs1
Bichon Frise Dogs2

The last but not the least of dogs in this list are Bichon Frise dogs that have a thick and curly white coat. Despite their abundant looking coat, these dogs shed very little. They are also gentle, friendly and very affectionate.


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  1. You know very little about dogs that don’t shed! For instance, yorkies and poodles (the only one you g o t right) don’t shed because their hair grows like human hair. Humans don’t shed their hair either. It j u st grows and grows. So do these two breeds. Dachshnds and Boston terrier do shed, just because they have short fur does not mean they don’t shed. Get it right or go home!

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