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Top 10 Most Dangerous Sharks On The Earth

Seas and oceans are full of treasures and marine creatures that are deemed by all people to be so fabulous. They embrace a variety of fishes of distinguished colors and shapes. Each of them has its featured traits. Yet, sharks are different, they are dodgy. You can build a sink including nice variety of colorful fishes in your house, but t is not preferred to have a shark. Pay attention to the following list, it includes the top 10 most hazardous sharks.

10 Blue Shark:

It is a species of sharks, belonging to the family of Carcharhinide. This blue shark lives in deep waters in the tropical oceans. Actually, blue sharks show aggression towards humans. Till 2013, the blue shark has been charged in about 13 attacks against people, four of them ended mortally.

9 Hammerhead Shark:

The hammerhead sharks are belonging to a family of sharks, called Sphyrnidae. They have strangely shaped heads that allow them enhanced all-round-vision. Indeed, it is certain that the immense hammerhead can easily mete out deadly injuries on a person. Hammerhead sharks have been charged of attacking 34 people over the years, merely one was fatal.

8 Sand Tiger Shark:

The sand tiger shark is about 3.2 metres, in length and weighs up to 160kg. Indeed, it has violent looking teeth. Regardless of looking horrifying, the teeth are for attacking small greasy prey such as fish and squid. This sort of sharks attacked about 64 people and claimed lives of two of them.

7 Blacktip Shark:

They live throughout the tropical shallow waters of the world. They are so-named given their black tips and fringes of its fins and tail. Blacktip sharks are not normally considered very hazardous to humans, however, they committed many attackers, ranking the first of shark attacks in Florida. They committed about 42 attacks, of which they killed 2.

6 Bronze Whaler Shark:

The bronze whaler, which is called also copper shark, belongs to the family of Carcharhinus brachyurus. It inhabits warm, but not tropical waters, gathering around the world living most times in shallow bays, this shark is very large, being over 3 meters. They committed many of wanton attacks on swimmers and hunters.

5 Shortfin Mako:

It belongs to the mackerel shark family Lamnidae. Adults usually range from 3 meters till 4.5 meters and weigh in at virtually a ton. This shark’s speed is recorded at up to 46 mph and some scientists hint that it can go much quicker. It attacked about 45, causing 3 dead.

4 Tiger Shark:

It is very aggressive and called as “the garbage can of the sea” because it generally swallows anything in front of it and comes across. The tiger shark lives in coastal tropical waters around the world even if they prefer to stay in water with depth of more than 6 meters. It committed about 155 attacks, claiming lives of 29 people.

3 Oceanic Whitetip:

It has almost definitely killed more people than all the other sharks. There were many accidents of ships being sunk during the World War II in which it is believed sharks were liable for hundreds of deaths. As well as  attacking in the open ocean the whitetip has been charged in a number of fatal attacks on swimmers and divers including a series of notorious attacks in the Red Sea in 2010 which left one woman dead.

2 Bull Shark:

It is deemed to be the most perilous shark. The bull shark is a bulky powerful shark, with up to 3.5 meters long and up to 700 lbs. It is ranked the third by the ISAF records, according to the large number of attacks.

1 Great White Shark:

It is deemed the biggest great white specimens, which is around 6.5 meters long, and about 3.5 ton. These sharks inhabit in all the oceans of the world and prefer the water temperatures 12 and 24°C. It is recorded that it has committed about 400 attacks international of which many were deadly.



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