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Top 10 Oldest Ancient Artifacts That Ever Found

For many people who seek adventures and suspense, the work of archaeologists is always something amusing. They search to find out how we were, how we used to dress and what tools we used to eat, work and write. I have looked for the oldest and most essential tools that are very ordinary for us today in the time when they were considered an invention, and the next list is the result.

10 Jewelry

Thousands of years ago people were just wearing jewelry just like we do today though with different styles of course. The first jewelry worn goes back to thousands years ago. The BBC once made a report around Skhul Cave in Israel where the signs of first jewelry were found. There indications for the first beads in the world were discovered.

9 Painting Materials

The painting materials used to be manufactured 40.000 years ago. Investigators found a number of containers made of abonde shells along with painting materials in order to get them ready for use. It seemed like our ancestors did not choose the material to draw on that they could not live for so long.

8 Geographical Maps

The first map in the history of mankind was discovered in 1993 and it dates back to 140.000 years ago. Researchers found it extremely difficult to understand what it says that it took them about fifteen years to understand. In the end, it came out that the map, found in Spain, was describing the surrounding area with its animals, greeneries and prominent landmarks around.

7 Shoes

The oldest shoe in the world is 5500 years old. It was found in Armenia in a good health. Though leather do not live for a long time, this shoe stood the test of time and what an amount of time! The wearer seemed to have walked a lot but still the sole was in a good condition.

6 Bows

The oldest bow ages 8000 years old. It was found in Denmark and specifically in an area called Holmegaard. They as a result got the name of the place where they were found.  Most early bows were made of pine and this is the reason behind their decay.

5 Wheel

The wooden wheel is like the famous proverb whom you do not know who said it. Many artifacts by famous inventors did not spread all around the world like the wheel but we do not know who was the first person who made it. In Ljubljana, the oldest wheel was found that dates back to  5200 years ago.

4 Observatory

The Goseck Circle is the observatory that ages 7000 years old discovered in Germany. It was thought that back in this time people were only taking care of the land and their sheep and following rain. But here it is a very sophisticated and scientific tool that is about 220 feet wide.

3 Brewing

Alcoholism is an old habit that dates back to ancient China 9000 years ago. Chemist Patrick McGovern was the first to delve in this issue to find out the recipe of of the first vintage known to man. When he managed to get good results he made a deal with a famous company in Pennsylvania to commercialize his discoveries.

2 The Mayan Calender

10.000 years ago the Mayan nation have etched the first calender on a ground. It was like simulating the different phases of the moon through making pits on the ground. The twelve pits made there stood as the first calender in the world of human beings. The photo below is a model of the ground inscription.

1 Sibudu Cave

In South Africa, the Sibdu Cave was discovered to give us a detailed view for how our ancestors lived. Many hardware and household tools were found inside the cave that were used for cooking and some handwork.

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