Top 20 Most Hated Celebrities and The Reasons

To many people, celebrities are the most loving set of people. They make their fans happy and add value to lives in various ways. Although this is true, there are times when these individuals have been hated for some reason. For example, this article from Topteny magazine will be looking at some of the most hated celebrities.

1 Donald Trump

You would be forgiven for thinking that Donald Trump is still supported by many people in the US and other countries worldwide. Unfortunately, the past election proved that Americans were sick of him. According to many experts, there are many reasons why they hated him – racist opinions and comments, total disrespect for other people’s views, and how he took the country backward in 4 years. So even if he is to contest in another election, there is no chance of winning.

2 Justin Bieber

There are many reasons why people hate this guy with passion despite achieving so much in the entertainment industry. For instance, they claim he has an attitude problem. Apart from drinking while driving on the road, Justin has been once accused of spitting on his fans. He is also very arrogant and rude. “He is always trying to present himself as someone better than others,” one of his fans claimed. He is going to break records amongst other most hated celebrities.

Justin Bieber.
Justin has been once accused of spitting on his fans and is also very arrogant and rude.

3 Kanye West

Kanye West might have been very popular as a rapper selling millions of albums. However, it hasn’t stopped people from having negative opinions about him. Many people see him as someone that can’t be trusted. First, he is bipolar and can be very suicidal. These kinds of people see even their loved ones as enemies. To many of his fans, he is supposed to be thinking of ways to get over this problem.

He has also made headlines for the wrong reasons. These could be comparing himself with Leonardo da Vinci, who passed on centuries ago. So the question is what he is trying to achieve with all these meaningless statements.

Kanye West
Kanye West might have been very popular as a rapper selling millions of albums.

4 Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton is a popular blogger who has become famous for bringing celebrities’ reports to public members. According to many experts, his website is one of the most hated stars in Hollywood. Could this be why he was banned from Tiktok in July 2021? Even his negative comments about Lady Gaga didn’t help matters. The latter’s fans never allowed him to explain what happened before, claiming to hate him with passion.

Perez Hilton
Perez Hilton is a popular blogger who has become famous for bringing celebrities’ reports to public members.

5 Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby’s fall from grace remains a mystery to many people who have been in touch with him for years. Today, he is hugely despised by many in the Hollywood circle. The first thing that has drawn lots of hate from fans is the issue of drugs that the bill has to be struggling with over the years.

There have also been reports of how he has allegedly sexually assaulted some women in the past. Whether he will turn a new leaf in the future remains to be seen. For now, he probably deserves to be mentioned amongst some of the most hated celebrities.

Bill Cosby
Bill Cosby’s fall from grace remains a mystery to many people who have been in touch with him for years.

6 Jeffree Star

Jeffree deserves a lot of credits for being one of the most famous figures on a competitive platform like Myspace. In the same vein, he equally deserves to be hated by people for drawing the media’s attention for some wrong reasons. For instance, he has been severally accused of using offensive and racist language. In 2020, one of his partners, Morphe, decided to cancel every commercial activity connected to the star. This makeup artist and entrepreneur may be in more considerable trouble in the future if things aren’t done right.

7 Chris Brown

Chris Brown was hated for a simple reason – beating Rihanna, his girlfriend, some years back. Due to this, he had some legal problems that curtailed his freedom of movement and association. This guy was supposed to be hitting greater heights like Usher Raymond, Robert Kelly, Ginuwine, and many others.

However, he got the opposite of love by beating his girlfriend. He was also involved in cases of rape with other artists. Could this be the end of Chris Brown? Only time can tell.

8 John Travolta

It is pretty shocking to know that many people who are supposed to be fans of John Travolta hate the actor. But, when it comes to public opinion, he isn’t appreciated like other stars. So don’t forget that this is someone who has seen it all in the world of acting. But why do fans hate him this much?

First, his sex escapades have made headlines over the years, making him irresponsible. For instance, he was accused of sexually assaulting some masseuses in a spa. His belief about Scientology is something that most people still can’t understand.

9 Paul Pogba

This guy deserves to be listed as one of the most hated celebrities right now. Manchester United is a club with the most extensive fan base worldwide. However, most of these fans don’t like Paul Pogba. But, according to some fans, he is too arrogant and can’t take the club where it is supposed to be. Some claim he is the reason why they are losing matches. Although opinion will always vary, it doesn’t change that many people hate Pogba.

10 Kim Kardashian

The reason why people hate Kim is the sex tape. According to them, she hasn’t gained popularity due to talent and skills. Instead, it’s the sex tape that has made her gain public attention. Could this be true? Many people have also criticized her regular involvement in surgeries. She has been accused of living a life that doesn’t align with social or moral values. Is she benefiting from Kanye’s talent?

11 Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson might have won numerous awards like the best picture academy award (1996), satellite best director (2005), BAFTA Awards, and Golden Globe Awards. However, he still makes our list one of the most hated celebrities. One of such reasons can be traced to when he left some sexists and racist comments in the voicemail of his ex-partner. This threatened his career four years ago.

12 Jaden Smith

There is no doubt that Hollywood is in love with a famous actor, Will Smith. However, according to many, we can’t say the same for his son, who behaves like a spoilt brat on camera. Many people referred to his father as “prince” because he managed to win their hearts.

However, Jaden Smith has been on the receiving end. Many people believed that he was living off his father’s achievements. Some claim he is just trying “too hard” to be a star. Finally, he usually appears odd on camera. Also, we mustn’t forget to mention that he is very arrogant.

13 Hulk Hogan

Everyone knows Hulk Hogan as one of the great entertainers of all time. His records speak for themselves as one of the best around. However, it is pretty weird to find out that he is considered one of the most hated celebrities right now. This happened when he tweeted his daughter’s legs (inside a locker room). It was misunderstood, and he got lots of hate speech.

14 Angelina Jolie

Whether you agree or not, Angelina Jolie is one of the most controversial characters in Hollywood. For instance, she has always found a way to have people divided into groups for those that love or hate her. One of the primary reasons people hate her is how she has attempted to drag brad’s reputation to the mud during their ongoing divorce case. Many people also believed she seduced Brad, who divorced Jennifer Aniston back then.

15 Jennifer Lopez

It may shock you that most celebrities are not happy with Jennifer Lopez. She has been getting more hate than love recently, and you will soon find out why. She and her fiancé, in November 2020, decided to fly in a private jet and got strongly criticized. People believed that they were busy flaunting their wealth during such a hard time.

16 Madonna

Probably you have been a fan of Madonna for years and wouldn’t want to hear that some people don’t hold her in high esteem. One reason for such is that she has been in too many feuds with other celebs in the past. Many people claim she is only concerned about making money from her fans.

17 Rick Ross

Rick Ross is one of the best rappers of his generation. However, this doesn’t stop him from being on the receiving end of people who don’t like his songs. Many say this guy sings about sex, drug, and money. He is a bad influence on younger kids growing up and judging by how these kids are trying to live the “dream life” by all means. You can quickly tell his haters aren’t far from the truth.

18 Jose Mourinho

If you are passionate about football, there is no doubt that you will understand this name very well. Many people hated Jose Mourinho for decades. According to them, his style of football is pragmatic, boring, and unattractive. He has also been strongly criticized over the years for not developing young talents as other coaches have done.

19 Jesse James

In 2010, Jesse James declared he was the most hated man. Of course, he deserves to be mentioned amongst the most hated celebrities after cheating on his wife back then, Sandra Bullock. Almost everyone loved her due to her calm nature and even admitted to “throwing the marriage away.”

20 Adam Sandler

There is absolutely no doubt that Adam Sandler is a talented comedian. He is probably amongst the best we have seen in our time. But, on the other hand, he is also one of the most hated celebrities. Many people don’t believe he is funny because they can’t laugh while watching his movies. They think that he is overrated. Some believe he yells too much and is always surrounded by sycophants.


Top 20 Most Hated Celebrities and the Reasons
Top 20 Most Hated Celebrities and the Reasons

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