Top 10 Colored Pencil Nail Artists in the World

Nail art isn’t just a hobby anymore. It’s becoming more clearer every day that these nail arts are popular. And regarding the world of fashion and beauty, it has gotten its root deeply firmed in it. Women who have good backgrounds in fine art, resulting from studying or as a natural gift, are designing nail designs that are so incredible to the extent that some of them collaborate with curators and huge brands. Therefore, nail art has turned into a sustainable career. So, we can assume that you have heard talks about these nail artists before. Almost all your Instagram page of your homegirls’ is full of nail pictures. You might also have overheard some ladies at your workplace talking about how much it cost them every week to have their nails made. Well, listed below are the best ten pencil nail artists you should know about.

 1  Mei

Specialty: Interpretive/ Designs

She started her nail art career from Japan; Mei is the owner of a nail salon located in Harajuku. She has participated in collaborations with a lot of brands and has also worked at the Fashion Week backstage. The nail artist was also featured in MoMA Ps1 in the series of nail art. Her arts are inspired by many things, including the food she likes, especially shrimp, her dreams, and nude paintings. Her career highlights include when she worked with Monique Pean, a jewelry designer, and the artist David Cook. She said recently “I would eventually love to do Rihanna and Madonna’s nails.”

Mei Nail Art Design Examples

 2 Ran Kowatari

Specialty: Swarovski Crystal Designs and Hand-detailed

She was born in Kyoto, Japan, got her career launched in 2002, and paved her way to the New York fashion avenue in 2008. Ran Kowatari is one of the most nail artists that are sought after. She has worked with Vogue, MTV, Elle, and New York Magazine. Her favorite nail designs are those she did for Brewster Kithe fall/winter 2013 collection. She says, “it was unique really that each models’ fingers were designed to feature various kinds of art. Also, the art is interchangeable depending on their outfit, which made it versatile in Kithe’s collection.”

Ran Kowatari Nail Art Design Examples

 3  Sophy Robson

Specialty: Nail designs that are Fashion-forward

Don’t get so twisted about this! Sophy Robson is who we call the nail art queen. She isn’t just a simple manicurist or blogger; she’s a real artist. The British native and single mother is the one responsible for having nail art put at the fashion forefront. She said, “I want people to know me for designing nails that are credible and to have my name made into a unique brand that will stand for something.” She has had her nail art published almost everywhere from the Interview magazine to other international versions like Vogue. She has made a lot of various designs which includes the v-gap.

Sophy Robson Nail Art Design Examples

 4  Jessica Washick

Specialty: Themed Manicures

You would think it was the lousy breakup Jessica had in 2007 that made her the good nail artist of today. “What assisted me in being over my breakup was nail art, that’s how I got the motto ‘you don’t need a man, you have a need of a manicure,’ which I use now as a trademark slogan for my website. I usually see beauty and humor in things quickly, and it can be likened in my nail art.”

Jessica Washick Nail Art Design Examples

 5 Clara H.

Specialty: Blinged-Out and Nail Enhancements Nail Art

Clara H., for 12 years, has been designing the pop culture of Japanese ladies, her clients, with fashion inspiration. Today, she resides in Melbourne, Australia. She has done some nail art recently for Venus and Serena Williams, and they are quite impressive!! Although her 98% of clients are very fantabulous.

Clara H. Nail Art Design Examples

 6  Madeline Poole

Specialty: Straight Lines, Color Choice, Simple Designs

Madeline Poole in one year and a half has become very famous because of her clean, colorful and simple nail art designs. She has worked with shooting catalogs and Nordstrom crew. She said she’s inspired by numerous varieties of nail arts, from its packaging down to the cleaning.

Madeline Poole Nail Art Design Examples

 7  Fleury Rose

Specialty: Details those are hand-painted

Fleury Rose was mentioned by Time Out NY as one of the ten best nail artists we have in the city, and she’s also a favorite internationally too. She works out at the Tomahawk Salon inside Brooklyn. Fleury has done nail art for people like Kate Upton, Chanel Iman, Florence Welch, and Rooney Mara. You can also see her designs in Paper, Vogue, Nylon, and Interview. She also has an art background, most especially in oil painting, watercolor, and ink drawing.

Fleury Rose Nail Art Design Examples

 8  Naomi Yasuda

Specialty: Stud work and Painting

Naomi Yasuda has started her nail painting at a very young age, and it has paid off certainly. She has professional experience of about 11 years, and among a lot of celebrities, including Madonna and Lala Anthony, she is well known. After she has been having nail art flipped for many years, she is still staying original and is super awesome.

Naomi Yasuda Nail Art Design Examples

 9  Ashley Crowe “known as Astrowifey”

Specialty: Fashion Prints Replicating

You might think that Astrowifey is a name related to rap. Since 2008 she has been in synonymous with the nail art. She does challenge herself by having her favorite artworks duplicated on nails. Ashley Crowe is fond of graffiti and street art mainly. She isn’t just a nail artist; she also initiated a magazine on nail art which is called TipzyZine. The magazine doesn’t only showcase her work but also the work made by her peers.

Ashley Crowe Nail Art Design Examples

 10 Nancy Mc

Specialty: Cartooning and Illustrations

If Nancy takes a book and read, or buys an outfit, or travels, it’s a must that a nail art idea would be made out of it. She’s a British, and she collaborated with Leanne C., who is her friend, and also Tatty Devine who has a jewelry brand in London. Her work is very fun and neat.

Nancy Mc Nail Art Design Examples

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