Top 10 Hottest Nail Polish Ideas

Making your hands catchy and giving them an elegant look that cannot be resisted does not only depend on the accessories that you wear on your hands as you also have to care about your nails. Giving your finger nails a specific shape that suits your hands and using the right nail polish allow you to enhance the beauty of your hands to the extent that you may not need to wear extra jewelry pieces or accessories to catch the eyes to your hands. There are countless nail trends that are usually presented every year by specialists to show you how to form your nails and how to choose the right nail polishes that suit your hands and the occasions that you attend.

Every new year comes to us with new trends that help us to refresh our lives and renew what we already use or wear. Here you can discover more about the latest nail polishes that will be common in the next year by taking a look at the following top 10 nail polish trends this year.

1. Bordeaux nails

What is the hottest color for your nails in the upcoming seasons? Red nail polishes especially the Bordeaux tones are the hottest for the new year. You can also choose the tone that you like from the muted tones of red that will be available in the next year.


2. Glittery nails

This trend is not appropriate for an everyday look, however, it is perfect for being picked for different special occasions such as wedding, engagement, dates and more occasions that require a chic look.


3. Golden nails

This color dominates most of the newest fashion trends that are presented for the new year. It can be found in clothes, accessories, and even nail polishes for more luxury and to add an elegant and bright touch to your hands. You can also use the golden shade for creating different patterns and prints and for getting a French manicure that makes your hands eye-catching.


4. Metallic shades

These shades allow you to get shiny fingernails if you do not like the idea of going for glittery nails. This trend is also suitable for an everyday look and allows you to easily make your nails catchier.


5. Matching colors

It is one of the hottest and most noteworthy trends that you will find in the next year. Instead of choosing a nail polish color separately without matching it with other colors that you wear, you will find in the next year the trend of matching the color of your nail polish with the clothes that you wear, the accessories, or the shade of your lipstick.


6. Natural nails

One of the most noteworthy nail trends that are presented for the next year is natural nails. Keeping your nails nude or natural as they are is not less impressive than covering them with nail polishes in different colors. You can also use those nail polishes with light colors such as milky white, beige, soft pink, pale peachy, or any other light shade that gives the effect of leaving your nails nude. Making your nails natural also means that you are going to keep your nails short or medium in their length and the shape of your fingernails is going to be half-circle or the most common shape which is almond nails.


7. Lace nails

It is the hottest trend that you can ever pick for your fingernails in the next year. It is available in different options such as the simple checks or other innovative designs that you can create to make your nails chic and catchy.


8. Striped nails

Using stripes is not limited to fabrics and different accessories that we wear. They spread to be found in different things around us even our nails. Striped nails are a hot trend for the next year and you have to know that this trend will create the illusion that your nails are longer than they really are because they are in a vertical direction. You can combine different colors with each other such as red and black, Bordeaux and pale blue and other color combinations that give you fascinating nails.


9. Moon-type nails

It is presented by designers as one of the hottest nail polish trends for the upcoming seasons. It is available in a wide variety of options to allow you to choose what enhances the beauty of your hands. You can combine different shades with each other such as black and Bordeaux.

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10. Creative and crazy nails

There are different new and creative ideas that are presented for the first time for getting your nails painted in the new year such as painting all the fingertips, creating new prints, using different nail designs for each fingernail, using new techniques such as ombré and other creative ideas that were not seen before.

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