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Best 15 Nail Technician Schools in The USA

Given the competition existing in the beauty industry, no doubt that everyone rendering one service or the other wants to improve in order to meet the ever-demanding needs of clients. This doesn’t exclude those who wish to become professionals in the field of cosmetology. It is one aspect in the world of fashion, which requires upgraded knowledge on a constant basis to stay ahead of your competitors.

Here is the major issue 

The problem is that to remain ahead of others; you need to register with one of the best nail technician schools in the US. The truth is that although there are lots of schools that you can register with in order to acquire such skills, most of them will not be able to meet your needs. This is perhaps why this post has been developed; to ensure that you have access to some of the best nail technician schools in the United States.  Just ensure that you read the content from beginning to end in order to find that perfect school that meets your criteria.

1 Johnston Community College ($2,401)

This is probably one of the best nail technician schools around. The training series provided for students are hands-on and practical, which will enable you to become a professional within the stipulated 24 months. It has been able to design a curriculum to meet the needs of both Spanish and English-speaking students. It doesn’t only cover the area of nail care as there are other aspects like skincare, professional imaging, multi-cultural practices, and hairstyling.

2 Edgecombe Community College ($2,736)

Edgecombe Community College is a nail technician school that is located in North Carolina. It ensures that competency-based knowledge is provided for learners to develop their skills when it comes to manicure and pedicure. The principles being taught here aren’t only artistic but also scientific in lots of regards. There is also a saloon environment, simulated, made available where students will be able to develop their creativity.

3 Brunswick Community College ($920.00)

With the program that Brunswick Community college offers in the field of nail technology over the stipulated two years, there is no doubt that you will become a highly sought after nail technician. It has programs which have been organized to ensure that students understand what is required to render top nail care services to their respective clients. At the end of the programs, exams will be conducted where you will be awarded certificates that enable you to work in any nail salon.

4 Nash Community College ($2,504)

Nash Community College will always make a difference when it comes to helping aspiring nail technicians like you become really skillful. If you are looking for a cosmetology school that has been able to provide learners with comprehensive curriculums, Nash Community College ticks all of the boxes. The program is meant to last for 24 months, after which you must have developed the right skills of a professional in the field of nail care.

5 AB Tech College ($2,547)

It is also known as Ashville-Buncombe Technical Community College and founded in the year 1959. North Carolina, Asheville is where this college is located. Given the cosmetology training that you will go through in this college, no doubt that you will understand what professional manicure and pedicure are all about. Other aspects that its courses cover are massage (arm and hand), artificial applications, and lots more.

6 Chippewa Valley Technical College ($9,808)

With the programs offered by Chippewa Valley Technical College, students will be able to have a vast understanding of nail trends. If you want to meet the ever-changing needs of your clients and remain competitive, this is one school that you have to consider registering with. It has experienced teachers who are keen on your success in the fashion industry by revealing some hidden techniques that will make you stand out among your competitors.

7 Everett Community College ($3778)

Everett Community College came into existence in 1941 and is located in Washington’s metropolitan area. It offers cosmetology programs which can be categorized into three groups. These are nail care, skincare, and hair care. Its programs are meant to last for two years. The learning experience you will get from this school is state of the art and unique in lots of regards.

8 Riverside City College ($1,426)

Riverside City College is located in the city of California and founded in 1916. Through a school like this, no doubt that you will understand how to become very creative when attending to your clients. There are in-depth programs to help students understand what clients need. Riverside college has taken one step further ahead of the others in order to offer something comprehensive and intense. The training staff team is super at helping students develop over the two years the program will last.

9 El Paso Community College ($2,386)

El Paso Community College is located in Texas. The cosmetology industry is one that is experiencing a very fierce competition at the moment. Being a nail technician is easy when you register with the right school, and El Paso Community College can help to ensure that your dreams become a reality. Its programs’ outlines say it all.

10 Wake Technical Community College ($2,768) 

Wake Technical Community College began operations in 1958 and since then has been able to make a difference in the lives of its students who have gone on to become professional nail technicians. Its program lasts for two years after which you will be awarded a certificate to prove that you are a certified nail technician.

11 Spokane Community College ($3,388)

Spokane Community College ensures that its students get properly trained in various aspects related to nail care. You will be able to acquire the needed skills of every professional nail technician to standout.

12 Manatee Technical Institute ($5953)

Are you searching for where to get an in-depth understanding of nail care tips, manicure, and pedicure? There is no need trying to look further than what Manatee Technical Institute has to offer. The classes that it organizes for students are detailed and fast to help you acquire the right knowledge in such a field.

13 Marion Technical College ($6,403)

Although this college came into existence in 1971, it has been able to help lots of students over the years become highly sought-after nail technicians. The instructors are experienced and will definitely help you succeed.

14 Ridgewater College ($11,161)

This is located in Minnesota and has a saloon where students can learn some practical aspects of manicure and pedicure. Firsthand experience is always the best teacher, and there is no doubt that you will be getting plenty of it here.

15 Eastern Wyoming College ($5,917)

Eastern Wyoming College came into being in 1968 and has been one of the best over the years when it comes to nurturing nail technicians and making them become professionals. It offers various programs that will meet your needs.

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