Top 10 Most Beautiful Coasts in the World

The coastline is the sandy place by the sea. Different terminology are used to describe this area. It is formally called, for example, a coastline, seashore and coastal zone. If the coastline is in front of an open ocean, it is often called a pelagic. As there are different terms to describe this area of the earth, there are far more places that we can call these monikers. Yet not all of them are praised as beautiful. The most beautiful ones, thus, are the following:

10 The Hawaiian Kauna’oa Bay

Over the shores of Kohala Coast, tourists and visitors alike can visit the Kauna’oa Bay which is one of the major places tourists like to see in Hawaii. There are many locations that looks amazing. The palm trees by the see seduce visitors to sunbath and ride boats. Still, they tend avoid the place at night because of the manta ray which is one of the largest fish with triangular fins.

9 The Malaysian Langkawi

Langkawi, or “the land of one’s wishes” in the Malay language, is one of the great places to visit in Malaysia. It is unique as it isn’t just a beach by the sea. If you go there, you will find the prolific Malaysian greeneries along with the clear water and special white sands. Though the land is called the one for a person’s wishes, it started out as a shelter for dangerous pirates. Now guess what? It is still the same but for ordinary people!

8 The Carribean St. Barts

The length of St. Barts is about 13 kilometers. The stylish rooms were built by the sea, the white sand and glistering water are great when seeing from far away. The long island has about 20 beeches which offers a space for tourists to relax and enjoy.

7 The Australian Fraser Island

The largest sand island is proudly located in Australia. Fraser Island is the hometown of an awesome coast and intact natural landscape. There are a good number of rain forests that have been there for such a long time.

6 The American Nantucket Island

In Massachusetts, the Nantucket Island is home for Surfside and Children’s beach which are unique because of its calm water. The sunny beach is amazing for sunbathing and playing.

5 The Hawaiian Lanikai Beach

Hawaii again? Yeah, and may be you have seen this place on a postcard you bought or received, and not specifically from Hawaii. The beach is an amazing for photographing, it is even a symbol for the perfect summer resort. A special sunny beach with white sand and lushly green valleys is always a great combination of an eye-attractive landscape.

4 The American Hamptons

A fashionable beach in New York, The Hamptons is one of the most beautiful beaches in America. It starts on Southampton till the very end of Montauk. The place is open to strong wind that will make your hair untidy!

3 Bora Bora

In the south of the Pacific ocean, specifically in Tahiti, the Bora Bora beach stretches for 29 kilometers. The whiteness of the sand encloses the blue sea in such a majestic natural location. Because the beeches somehow stand alone away from cities, villages or buildings, Bora Bora is often described as a romantic island.

2 Maldives

In the Equator, southwest of Sri Lanka, Maldives with its thousand islands lies. A group of beautiful palms of the Equator line up the sand of the archipelago by each other. The coasts are calm and are the good choice for anyone looking for a reclusive vacation by the sea.

1 Seychelles

Seychelles is not just the most beautiful beach in the world and the number one in our list, but the most photographed as well. The turquoise water contrasts with the grey pink and black hard rock in front of it.

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