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Top 10 Most Popular Flowers to Plant in Your Garden.

Flowers are beautiful plants that have a big variety of colors. In addition to the vibrant and beautiful colors, some flowers also have pleasant odors. Usually people use flowers for decorative purposes or for gifting others. Moreover, there are different types of flowers such as: Roses, Daffodils, Tulips and so on. Though all flowers can be planted in your garden for decorative reasons, there are certain flowers that are known as garden flowers. In the following lines, you will find a list of top 10 most popular flowers to plant in your garden.

10 Lilies



Lilies are a popular kind of flowers that are available across the whole world. There are different types of lilies, as well as different colors and sizes. Lilies can be grown in containers and outdoors and the perfect time to grow them is in the summer or in the fall. One of the advantages of the lilies aside from its beautiful shape, is that it does not need daily watering. That is why lilies is one of the popular garden flowers.

9 Sun Flowers

Sun flowers are another kind of flowers that is widely known. Unlike other flowers, the sun flower is distinguished by a fixed shape and color. It has a long green stem, yellow petals and brown seeds in the centre. From its name; it is obvious that this flower needs to be planted outdoors as it has to be directed to sun light from 6 to 8 hours daily. So, it is the perfect flower to plant in your garden.

8 Tulips


Tulips are a very beautiful type of flowers. They are distinguished of their variety of color range. Their beautiful color and shape make them the best flowers to be planted in your garden. However, you have to keen on watering them on daily basis. In addition, the best time to plant tulips is in the spring.

7 Roses

Roses are the most famous kind of flowers in the world. They have variety of colors, sizes and smells. Because of their popularity, Rose is the most flower which is used for gifting. In addition, they are perfect for decoration due to the variety of color range and the beautiful smell.

6 Pansy

Pansy is a very beautiful and colourful flower. The flower Pansy has three color patterns which are; single color, single color with black lines in the center and single color with black center. The flower Pansy has a very special fragrance that is unforgettable. In addition, Pansy is really easy to plant and it can be planted indoors as well as outdoors.

5 Sweet Peas


Sweet Pea is the kind of flower which is known as a climbing plant. It is believed that it grows from 1 to 2 meters each year. In order to be able to plant sweet peas, you have to choose a place with direct sun light and rich soil. Moreover, sweet peas need to be thoroughly watered. Due to its climbing ability, sweet peas are perfect for planting on your garden fence.

4 Nigella


Nigella is one of the easiest flowers to be planted in your garden. The best time to plant Nigella is in early summer. Though the standard color of Nigella flower is usually blue , there are other colors such as: White, pink and pale purple.

3 Marigold


Marigold is a beautiful and cheerful flower that really decorate your garden. Marigold can be planted in any soil but it needs to be directed to the sun. Moreover, it is better to water the soil not the flower itself. Because of its bright orange or copper like color, Marigold is the perfect flower to plant in your garden during the fall.

2 Eschscholzia


Eschscholzia or what is known as California poppy is a cheerful and easy to grow flower that is perfect for your garden. The best time to plant Eschscholzia is in the spring. California poppy has various colors, but its popular colors are orange and yellow.

1 Dianthus


The dianthus flower or what is called as Sweet William is a beautiful flower that has a nice fragrance. The flower dianthus has different colours such as: pink, red and white. The color and smell of this flower makes it the best flower to be planted in your garden.

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