Top 10 Most Famous White Sand Beaches in The World

Along the sea, ocean or lake, nature always leaves its mark. Water and wind make and change the shape of nearly all beaches on earth through the erosion phenomenon. On one hand, he natural factors can make considerable changes in the location as well as the shape of the beach. On the other hand, the color of the beach’s sand is not nature-dependent. It depends on the constituent material. The white sands consist of limestone and they are mostly found in tropical areas. In Southern Europe sands include iron which give it the yellow color. If you enjoy the white bright color of a beach, here is the top ten most famous white sand beaches in the world:

10 Anse de Grande Saline

In St. Barts Puerto Rico the Anse de Grande Saline beach is named after its water. The beach is home for a plethora of tropical birds of different kinds. The greenish hills surrounding the beech offers great amenity and creates a majestic feeling at once.

9 Grand Anse Beach

In Seychelles of the Indian Ocean lies the Grand Anse Beach. The clear blue water is contrasted with the white sands and the green surroundings, so it looks like a paradise. The beauty of the beach offers an awesome recreational resort.

8 Wineglass Bay

In the Australian Tasmania, you will see the most serene landscape ever created. If an architect designed this place, people would call her/him one of the best designers of all ages! This Tasmanian resort is called Whineglass due to its circular shape that embraces clear water. The water near the beech, the bottom of the glass, is contrasted in color with the rest of the glass.

7 Kauna’oa Bay

Exactly like a crescent, the white sand beach surrounds the sea and gives a glittering light if you look at it from far away. Because Hawaii is the one and only U.S. state that is a part of Oceania, you can expect to see only islands and tropical amenities everywhere in Kauna’oa Bay.

6 Langkawi

In Malaysia, the land of wishes or Langkawi proudly lies. Langkawi is one of many islands constituting a big archipelago. Well- designed hotel rooms are built amidst the white beach and the green shrubs to look as if they are part of the natural surroundings.

5 Rabbit Beach

The Italian Lampedusa is home for the number one most visited beach in the world. The crystal clear water and the white sand is the reason why this beach is a source of attraction. Tourists will not find many beaches maintaining their water clean like this happy one.

4 The Maldives

A Muslim republic that has good ties with India and stunning natural landscape is not so much heard of. Maldives, is located in the Indian Ocean and consists of a number of atolls. Its capital is Malé, which is nearly halfway between India and Sri Lanka.

3 White Beach

Boracay is one of the Pilipino islands that is located not so far away from Manila, the republic’s capital. The Bulabog Beach and the White Beach are Philippine’s two major beaches. The beach’s length is about four kilometers.

2 Playa Paraiso

Though a Mexican beach has the Playa Paraiso name, the one we aim is in Cuba instead. With a calm turquoise water, guests will enjoy the Cuban seclusion under beach umbrellas. The serenity of the water and the green trees on the beech gives viewers gorgeous impression.

1 Bora Bora

In the Pacific Ocean, the Bora Bora resort in Tahiti made a reputation as one of the most romantic beaches in the world. In front of the white sands of the beach stands the green Otemanu mount and some of the resort’s hotel rooms.

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