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Top 10 Smartest Tips to Save Money

Saving money is the best way to secure your financial future in the current economic crises. However, saving money is not very easy mainly because it is a self-initiated action that you need to keep tracking on your own. This is the best about it as well, you learn how to be responsible and how to schedule for a goal, put effort on a daily basis and wait long for a result. If you need help to make saving a habit, I have included the best below.

10 No Fast Food

Fast food costs you a lot of money mainly because you pay for the brand and advertisements along with the food and all for a meal that gives you a good amount of chemicals. It stops the feeling of hunger for a number of hours in a row but it does really bad to your health and pocket.

9 Save-a-Lot

Stores that make sales over groceries are not prevalent. Save-a-Lot is one among a few. However, you can find cheaper stuff in stores that are not making a lot of advertising or cares much about dazzling customers’ eyes with. So you can put this into consideration while you choose your store.

8 Prepare food at home

Sometimes called Brown Bag, the food you make at home saves you the extra money you pay for food that is usually would be more than the one you pay for that one you make at home. Additionally, you will save your health for some other time you will have to eat this kind of food!

7 Do not Use Credit Cards

Credit cards make life easier for just a while then you soon discover that you not only ran out of money, but you are also in debt. Seeing the money when you spend it will make you careful instead of having the bottomless desires of rich.

6 Avoid labels

As it is with the deluxe stores above, clothes with labels will just ruin your budget for nothing. As we said you only buy them expensive to pay for their advertisements. Without the labels you will save nearly half the price.

5 Get Used Stuff

Used anything can save you a considerable amount of money. Mobiles, cars, and books could all be bought used with very good prices. As for the latter, since you buy books a lot you can target your public library, first of all. Then you can buy from Amazon, the used copies of course, or any other store for used books physical or virtual.

4 Maintenance

Maintaining everything you own, from your car to your clothes will save you a whole lot of money. You may like to change a car for example, to show it off; you will not be happier when you spend all that money to look nice in people’s eyes.

3 Save 10%

Make it a rule that you save 10% of every dollar you earn. In order to have the motivation to do it, you put a goal to yourself. Why you want to save money? Put a glittering goal in the very end and have a time-frame for it.

2 Plan your Budget

At the beginning of each month, put a budget for your month and dedicate how much will you spend in each part of your life.

1 Buck Up

If things did not go as planned, do not get upset or throw it all. If you started to save then you are on the right way even if you are below the bar you set for yourself. You can take the decision of cutting your expenses as well.

If you have tried any other ideas that worked, we would love to read them below.

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