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Top 10 Oldest Writing in The History

writing is the most intelligent invention of humanity. It allowes us to read about even the tiniest of experiences as the ancients tended to record the important events like harvest time, festivals and coronations; but they also were the first people to write about trivial incidents and routines of daily life as the house chore or preferred sexual moves! The invention of hieroglyphic enabled them to do this freely and encode the secrets that we used to work on for years in order to understand. The idea of language itself was genius, but the language they invented was not as sophisticated since they depended on drawing shapes in expressing their ideas. Still, getting this expressive shapes to be standardized and used nationwide was a comprehensive task.

We, as human beings, have always expressed infatuation with whatever artifact that take us with the time machine hundreds and even thousands year back. Just try to write a letter to yourself or a documentary of events to read a couple of years to come. I think the idea itself will make you shiver. Not that much? However, you are now about to go back in time to hold the oldest documentaries that we have pulled dust away of it for you to have a good look.

10 Hittite-Egyptian Peace Agreement

One of the oldest treaties to be signed, was a peace treaty that was signed between two of the most powerful civilizations of the time, Egypt and Hittite. They had started their dispute over a city that was located in a middle ground between both of them. After a while, they both realized that things are getting out of hands that no one is going to win. The result was signing a peace treaty.

9 Kahun Gynaecological Papyrus

Kahun Gynaecological Papyrus is the first medical documentary to include prescription and ailment descriptions. The papyrus belonged to the Egyptians in which they described many of the ailments they and their women had.

8 Ancient Egyptians Inscriptions

In the pyramids of Unas, the oldest inscriptions were found on the wall of the pyramids. The inscriptions were written to guide dead kings and queens in the afterlife.

7 Oldest Poem

Only Slightly Youngeris the world’s first love poem. It was found in Istanbul and ages 4000 years. It is very poetic and powerful that you will be amazed and wondered how this was written in ancient times.

6 Sex Descriptions

The ancient Egyptians just like people today had their own depictions of sexual interactions with their consorts; there are many documents included their preferred positions.

5 Oldest Letters

The first letters sent were ones between nations in ancient times. They were between Egypt and one of its neighbors asking for help and another one assuring the arrival of the queen’s statue.

4 Message in Bottle

Many movies have dramatized the idea of a message in bottle that have been around since history and holds a special place in our human history. The oldest message was written in 1784 and was appeared on ashore in 1935, a considerably long journey!

3 First Book with a date

The first book that we know when it was written is a Buddhist book under the name Diamond Sutra. It was named as such because the book was appreciated like diamonds due to the pieces of wisdom which the book included.

2 Oldest Newspaper

First newspaper known to humanity was published in Germany in the beginning of the 17th century. The name of the journal was “Collection of all Distinguished and Commemorable News”.

1 Oldest Marriage Document

As many ancient documents we are listing, the majority comes from Egyptians and marriage is no exception. Tamut was married to Ananiah ben Azariah and they agreed over writing Amut’s rights, what we know as dowry.

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