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Top 10 Most Infamous Serial Killers Never Caught

Despite the reassured claims of the police and other relevant departments, the security of the people in the US remain at risk most of the time and in some cases at every instant. Sometimes a little bit of negligence or incapability can be tolerated, but in other cases tolerance leads to fatal results that touch the overall law and order condition of the country or local area where they occur, along with endangering the lives of many. An example of such serious cases the presence of serial killers in the society and the inability of the police department to catch them, despite using the entire state resources.

In the history of the world, there have been numerous murders that were identified as serial killing or killing by the same individual or  group of people, but the police hasn’t been able to figure out the exact culprit behind these murders. Here are 10 of the most dangerous serial killers that haven’t caught by the relevant authorities in various places of the world.

10 The Atlanta Ripper

The Atlanta Ripper serial killer existed in 1911. He came into light by killing 15-20 women. The killer chose African American women in the Atlanta region and murdered them by slashing their throats very brutally. All of the victims were murdered using the same technique thus proving the serial killing. However, no murderer was arrested in this case.

9 The Charlie Chop off

Charlie Chop off was one of the most brutal serial killers of all times. He was used to murdering the African American boys. After stabbing the victims to death, their bodies were exposed to genital mutilation by cutting off their penis. A suspect was called in for questioning but the responsibility of the murders was not fixed on anyone, however the murders stopped after the suspect was interrogated and sent to a mental institution which suggests that he could be the actual murderer.

8 Stoneman

13 murders were committed by the notorious Stoneman in the city of Calcutta, India. The murderer killed poor people living on the streets by hitting them with a stone on their head. These 13 murders in Calcutta were in line with others conducted in a similar way in Bombay.

7 The Honolulu Strangler

The Honolulu Strangler is one of the most notorious serial killers of the Hawaiian island. He murdered 5 women after torturing them and assaulting them sexually. All the bodies were found with the hands tied at the back. In this case too a suspect was caught but no clear evidence was found to get him executed.

6 The babysitter killer

This killer was also named as County Child killer and was quite active in the year 1976-1977. In this case, four children were killed and their bodies found later showing the signs of assault and physical abuse. Although the police started investigating all these murders, they couldn’t fix the responsibility on any of the suspects.

5 The February 9th killer

This killer got his name because of the date selected by him to murder his victims. Two women lived in Salt Lake city were murdered in total in an exactly the same way and on similar dates. This led the police to believe that a single killer was responsible for the two murders.

4 The Zodiac Killer

A killer of 37 people in Northern California, Zodiac Killer was active in the 1960s and 1970s. He started the murders by killing a couple and continued the chain continuously choosing different victims. The murderer was used to send letters to police, admitting the murders, taunting the police officials and challenge them to reveal his identity. However, he managed to hide his identity and the police couldn’t find any clue leads to him.

3 The Smiley Face Killer

The Smiley Face Killer murdered more than 200 victims in the United States. All the victims of this serial killer were killed by drowning the victims in a specific style. FBI investigated the crime but no suspect was caught.

2 The long Island Serial Killer

This is one of the strangest cases in the history of the United States. The murders were committed for 15 continuous years, however, the number of victims were 12-14 in total. The number of years in which the crimes were committed resulted in developing the skills of the killer and the techniques of killing evolved with time.

1 The highway serial killings

This highway serial killings are not the work of an individual but an entire organization has been involved. The total victims of this gang reached 450. The group selected the people who had a riskier lifestyle and killed them on the highway. Strangely not a single member of this Highway Serial Killing Group was caught by the police, however there were certain suspects who the police considered the potential criminals and called them for questioning.

Each of the previous serial killers followed a patterns in killing their victims. Sometimes it was about the date of killing or something the victims share. The ability to penetrate and solve such serious crimes surely indicates the competence of the police and other relevant authorities.

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