Top 10 Deadliest Earthquakes

Nature is a pleasant mother, it behaves kindly with us, but sometimes it is getting angry due to human actions or natural events. Earthquakes are the most destructive natural phenomena our planet experience. The fatalities they leave are uncountable; they can wipe out whole cities, getting them up to heels. Here are the deadliest earthquakes, natural disasters.

10 Shensi, China:

The day of January 23rd 1556 is a day of hell. This earthquake occurred in the Shaanxi province, China, approximately 50 miles east-northeast of Xi’an, claiming lives of about 830,000 people.  Not only that, the destruction stretched about 270 miles northeast of the epicenter of the earthquake. The geological effects of this earthquake are uplift, subsidence, liquefaction and avalanches, leaving many houses collapsed.

9 Sumatra, Indonesia:

It takes place in Indonesia on December 26th 2004, with a magnitude 9.1. This is the third strongest earthquake in the world since the 1964 Prince William Sound, Alaska temblor. It caused 227,898 people to be killed or missing. About 1.7 million people were moved by the earthquake and following tsunami in 14 countries in South and East Africa. In April 2005, Indonesia announced that the number of missing people is over 50,000.

8 Tangshan, China:

It is 7.5 in magnitude earthquake that reached Beijing. It has likely the maximum death toll in the last four centuries, and also the second maximum in recorded history, with 255,000 people reported dead.

7 Kanto, Japan:

Having a destructive September beginning in 1923, Japan suffered an earthquake of 7.9 in magnitude. It caused extreme destruction in the Tokyo-Yokohama region, together by the temblor and consequent firestorms that burned over 381,000 of 694,000 houses that were to some extent destroyed. It claimed the lives of 142,800 people.

6 Chimbote, Peru:

It is Peruvian Earthquake that swept the town of Chimbote, Peru, it took place on May 31st 1970 with 7.9 magnitude. The epicenter of this deadly earthquake was 15 miles away the city, it caused about 70,000 people dead and more than 800,000 displaced. Tremors could be felt in Lima that is located 400 miles away. The earthquake was a disaster to Peru.

5 Messina, Italy:

This earthquake hit beneath the Messina Strait that divides the regions of Sicily and Calabria in 1908. It was of a magnitude 7.5 that took place on December 28. A following tsunami sent waves of 40 feet high hitting the Italian coast. This dilemma caused over 80,000 people dead and many areas destroyed. Homeless people from Messina were relocated to cities all through Italy.

4 Kashmir, Pakistan:

Kashmir is a location between India and Pakistan experienced a huge earthquake on October 8, 2005, with a 7.6 measuring on the Richter scale. It killed 79,000 and caused millions homeless. The distant rocky terrain multifaceted problems for recovery efforts, as crews thrashed about to get in touch with the injured.

3 Turkmenistan:

An earthquake whose measuring 7.3 on Richer scale caused Ashgabat a great devastation. About thousand Soviet doctors and nurses overflowed from Moscow to aid victims in a place that is known now as Turkmenistan. About 110,000 people were taken from life, due to the earthquake’s actions.

2 Assam-Tibet:

A strong earthquake of magnitude 8.6 took place in Tibet and Assam, India, leaving about 1,500 people killed. As aftermaths, large landslides and sand volcanoes hit the area. When the rivers lastly exploded through the walls of wreckage, waves flooded more than a few villages and killed many people.

1 Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia:

It happened in 1952, hitting the coast of Kamchatka, with 9.0 in magnitude. There are no killings, but damages of houses were estimated up to $1 million USD. Kamchatka has an echoing past and many vigorous volcanoes, too.

These natural phenomena are deemed the most destructive ones.



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