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Top 10 Most Endangered Plants on Earth

Plants are deemed to be a main representation of nature. Many factors that result in pollution of environment lead to elimination of some plants. They are dramatically harmed by this contamination. To have a look on the endangered plants in this world, due to this pollution, follow up this list.

10 Monkey Puzzle Tree

This strange evergreen tree that belongs to the defenseless forests of Chile, is regarded so ancient. It is one of the living fossils. It has triangular and sharp leaves as well as includes big cones. It is deemed the nationwide tree in Chile. Its tail-like look makes the monkey puzzle tree is commonly cultivated across the world.

9 Bois Dentelle

It is a beautiful and delicate tree that is exceptionally rare, actually there are just two bois dentelle trees on the Earth. They are both located in the cloud forest of Mauritius. It is about to leave because the cloud forest environment has been harshly spoiled by unfamiliar insidious species. The bois dentelle generates gorgeous sprays of insubstantial having white flowers.

8 The dragon tree

This tree is over 2,000 years old. It includes about 40 different species, many of them are widely cultivated. Moreover, some are moderately small. They belong to the African continent, though a handful species are present in different places.

7 Baseball Plant

It is a very famous house plant that is extinct because of the environment destruction and the botanical corresponding of poaching. Indeed, its sap is venomous, yet it makes a nice-looking yard decoration. Man is willing to grow the baseball plant in gardens, so he turns a blind eye to the necessity to protect this plant.

6 Green pitcher plant

This unique plant is in danger of extinction. Indeed, it is deemed an herb belongs to Georgia, South Carolina and regions in southern United States, yet as result of improvements, populations of this plant are threatened leading to the high possibility of loss if not properly protected. There are actually more than a few sorts of pitcher plants, some are luminously colored. However, all of them apply the same methods and tools to attract and shut in insects.

5 Rafflesia

It is an extraordinary flower that attracts ample folks. The rafflesia is a scrounging plant with a flesh-like blossom the mass of an armchair and a disgusting odor that is clear if you are even at a distance. It is smell cannot be endured, that it is frequently named the corpse flower.

4 Welwitschia Mirabilis

This strange plant has puzzled taxonomists since many years. It is a desert plant existing in South Africa. This welwitschia mirabilis usually has just two leaves, that twist and tangle as soon as the plant grows, the plant usually lives for more than a millennium and is a messy, hard-hitting mass spanning about 6 feet.

3 Venus Fly Trap

It is and insect-eating and is called sometimes mini monster, that is somehow well-known by school students. The carnivorous venus fly trap is possibly famed, yet it is highly endangered. The plant has two hinged leaves that are enclosed in ultra responsive excellent hairs that notice the presence of anything.

2 Cork

The cork is a sort of oak. Indeed, the arrival of the wine plug is the cork bark forest’s most noticeable threat. It is expected that cork forests will be lost in the next ten years in the case that wine industry consumes them. Cork oaks are truly charming.

1 Baobab Tree

Baobab tree belongs to equatorial Africa as well as India, and it is most well-known for casing much of Madagascar, yet the baobab tree is gradually more in danger of extinction. This tree lacks leaves for three quarters of the year and accumulates water in its trunk. People builds homes in the base, and the tree is known for production of a safe-to-eat fruit that is called the monkey-fruit.


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