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Top 10 Most Famous Female Serial Killers In The Crime History

Violence can be represented in many several ways. Yet murders are the most violent and aggressive actions that might take place. Killers can be sentenced to life or to death in most cases. Yet, imagine the serial killer! What sanctions can be applied on? Serial killers or manslayer are most aggressive people you can ever know. Their hearts are pieces of hell. Records revealed the most dangerous and famous serial killers. Here is a list of the top ten female serial killers.

10 Belle Gunness:

She was serial killer who was Norwegian-American. She ended the lives of most of her suitors, her children and both of her husbands. She is eager to collect life insurance, money and other precious things, and killing witnesses. It is estimated that she killed about 40 people over many years. She was as ruthless as fire.

9 Raya and Sakina:

They are the most famous Egyptian serial killers, they started killing women in Alexandria, in the very beginning of the 20th century. Increasing reports of missing women were the main issue in police stations; all missing women were wearing gold jewelry, and having a large quantity of money. There story was developed more than once in movies, series and plays. it is a very interesting artistic story.

8 Myra Hindley:

She was born on July 23rd 1942 in Gorton and Manchester. She was suffering torture when young. Since 1942 till 2002, she kidnapped three children below 12 and two teenagers, then she tortured them and finally put them a present to death. A key of a case was found by the police, where a recording tape having a voice of one of her victims screaming her name.

7 Mary Ann Cotton:

She had married twice, the first husband was William Mowbray, then having children. The father and the children are all died because of gastrointestinal disorders. Then she got married again to George Ward, who also died with the same reason. The police discovered that she was using Arsenic in cooking to kill her victims.

6 Irma Ida Ilse Grese:

Grese was proved guilty in crimes against humanity at the Belsen Trial and was sentenced to death, to be executed at 22 years. She was the youngest woman to be executed under the British law in the 20th century. Her nickname was “the Beast of Belsen” or”The Beautiful Beast”.

5 Katherine Mary Knight:

She is the first Australian female to be sentenced to life without parole. She was found guilty of the murder of her husband, John Charles Thomas Price. Her father was an alcoholic who plainly used aggression and threats to rape her mother every day. Katherine was a lovely girl that passed by hysterically fatal angers.

4 Elizabeth Báthory:

She was a countess from the nobility in the Kingdom of Hungary. She has been called the most productive female serial killer all over the history. Many girls were reported missing in the time when an attractive salary was offered to maids working in the castle. Many dead girls and other wounded were found in the castle. The countess used to act her violence for about 25 years. Out of her high-rank position, she was not imprisoned; however, she was set under the house arrest in a single room till her death.

3 Ilse Koch:

She was the wife of Karl-Otto Koch, the commandant of the Nazi concentration camps Buchenwald. In 1936 she started working as a guard and secretary at the Sachsenhausen concentration camp near Berlin. In 1937 she moved to Buchenwald. She was charged with taking part in a criminal plan for helping, supporting the murders at Buchenwald.

2 Mary Tudor:

She was the queen of France. If you are interested in Dracula stories, have a look on this brief. She was called the bloody Mary, who burnt down about 300 of her people after charging them of heresy. She tracked the non-orthodox and tortured them till death.

1  Beverly Elit:

She is one of the famous female serial killers. She was a nurse; she killed about 4 children and caused 5 others wounded. She attacked about 13 children before her arrest by 58 days.

Violence is unrestricted, these females are more dangerous than vampires.


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