Top 10 Essential Women’s Sunglasses

The best accessory on the planet? Absolutely.  Wear them to protect your eyes from the sun. Wear them to hide tired eyes or because you’re hung over.  Wear them to create an air of mystery, or people watch unobtrusively or wear them just because you think that they look cool.  They do. Whatever your reason, the fact of the matter is that you can’t have too many pairs of sunglasses. Choose sunglasses to match your clothing.  Choose sunglasses to match your mood.  Sunglasses for work, sunglasses for play.  Sunglasses for summer and sunglasses for winter.  There’s a mouth-watering variety of styles, colors, and lenses to choose from and each pair of shades you purchase opens up a whole new world of possibilities.  These aren’t the only sunglasses worth buying, but they are a delicious chocolate box of styles which will give you years of accessorizing pleasure.  If you’ve got this lot, then you’re fortunate, if not, stop drooling and start saving.

 1 Dolce and Gabbana – DG2176

Achieve instant elegance with this stylish reworking of aviator shades.  The distinctive feature of these sunglasses is their double take-inducing double frame.  If you are concerned that this might make them a little heavier to wear, then don’t be, these sunglasses are super light-weight. The frames also come in a wide range of colors.

 2 Pala Darya

Stylish circular glasses with slim striped tortoiseshell frames, these are sunglasses with a social conscience.  For every one of these sunglasses you buy, Pala will donate a pair of glasses to someone in Africa.  They are made from a non-petroleum-based plastic created from wood and cotton fibers, and the cases are woven from recycled plastic.


 3 Michael Kors – Chamonix

A butterfly outline and polished metal arms create a distinctive blend of summery elegance.  Available in rose, plum and grey.

 4 Shwood Canby – Wood 

Make new friends with these conversation starters, constructed using 13 plies sustainably sourced hardwood.  These handcrafted sunglasses out of Portland, Oregon are something special.  People who love them, really love them and certainly, they’re like nothing else on the market.

 5 Ray-Ban – Wayfarers

Iconic since their introduction in the mid-fifties, the Wayfarer has evolved over the decades but the original design, with its distinctive trapezoidal frame, is now back with a vengeance.  An unmistakable design, you can also get them as prescription sunglasses or with polarized, evolve or chrominance lenses, for those who want to stand out from the crowd.

 6 Tom Ford – Whitney

Dramatically oversized and yet still managing to be both feminine and elegant.  A distinctive figure of eight frames, crossing at the bridge, flowing into deliciously curving arms. Glasses to get you noticed.  Available in a wide range of lens and frame colors.

 7 Poppy Lissiman – Le Skinny

Australian designer, Poppy Lissiman’s sunglasses went viral after being taken up by Adwoa Aboah, Emily Ratajkowski, the Hadid sisters and a host of other celebs.  Intensely glossy acetate in lilac, orange, and black make these micro cat eyes a real head turner.

 8 Ray-Ban – Clubmaster

Browline glasses, so called because the frame frames the lens like the eyebrow frames the eye, were all the rage in the fifties and sixties.  Nerdy, geeky, and at times unfashionable, thanks to the hit show Mad Men and some other effective product placement, this classic vintage style is now very much back with us.

 9 Versace – VE2150Q

If you want some serious bling in your sunglass collection, then look no further than these joyful Versace aviators with super wide arms to allow that gold decoration space to grandstand.  Perhaps not ordinary sunglasses but if you want to turn heads, then these should do the trick.

 10 Oliver Peoples – The Row After Midnight

These sunglasses have nothing to do with late night arguments but mark a highly successful collaboration between Oliver Peoples and The Row. After Midnight takes inspiration from the eighties with round, flat base glass for a classic retro look coupled with the contemporary styling of engraved aluminum frames.  You’ll have difficulty deciding on which of the seductive color combos to choose, gold frames with persimmon or green lenses, pewter frames with blue lenses or silver frames with brushed grey lenses or for that slightly intimidating look you can go with mirror lenses. Decisions, decisions.

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