Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid in Essay Writing

The success of academic writing is dependent on many different factors. It goes beyond all doubts that a student ought to know the academic demands about a particular paper, as well as know a specific academic discipline. Nonetheless, there is a lot associated with writing competence. Students make certain mistakes while they compose their essays and other pieces of writing. You can beat your enemy if you face him. In other words, you can find practical solutions to typical problems or even will avoid them if you learn your weak sides. A team of academic writers from a reliable custom essay writing service offers you a list of 10 common mistakes made by students during academic writing. These are as follows:

 #1 No Proper Research

One of the most frequent mistakes of many students is inappropriate research. At times, students don’t even bother about it and write their thoughts. You should understand that your study MUST be based on facts. These may be numbers, statistics, interviews, and other sources of gathering and providing data. They all must be officially approved. In the case, you skip this stage or make it inattentively your paper loses quality. Your paper will be irrelevant and poorly written.

 #2 Punctuation Mistakes

Many people mistakenly think that punctuation isn’t that important. The truth is that it makes a great difference. Punctuation may entirely change the meaning of a sentence. If you overlook even a single comma, you may confuse the audience because your sentence doesn’t deliver what you intended first. Besides, correct punctuation maintains readability and coherence. Finally, it makes your texts aesthetic. This value is important for an academic paper.

 #3 Skipping Revision

Don’t skip revision. This recommendation ought to become your rule and habit. No matter how boring this process may be, you should always reread your papers. You should reread your paper at least two times to find more possible mistakes or poorly written parts. Try different methods of revision and ask somebody to read your project as well.

 #4 Too long sentences

Remember that lengthy sentences are your enemies. This is a downfall of every writer because they confuse readers. People lose interest in your writing due to too long sentences. Sometimes they even lose the sense of your message and reduce the coherence of the research. Just remember how to comprehend a text you read. Shorter sentences make texts more dynamic and intriguing. It’s much easier to read such texts. Commonly, inexperienced writers don’t know how to explain their point of you. As a result, they go on and on trying to clarify what they mean. Write short but informative sentences. Stuff them with exact facts that directly reveal your purpose.

 #5 Grammar Mistakes

Another typical failure is the grammatical aspect. Many students make many mistakes, and some of them are ridiculous. This has a too high price in the form of reduced grades. You steal from yourself. You should brush up your grammar, repeat the most problematic aspects, know how and when to use this or that tense, as well as an appropriate lexicon. This is a lengthy process. Nonetheless, you have to improve your grammar. Use grammar checkers to test yourself.

 #6 Too Much “Water”

You should avoid the so-called “watery” texts. This means that a writer stuffs his or her content with shallow facts that have nothing to do with the main purpose of the research. At times, a writer doesn’t even understand that he/she adds excessive water to the content. You should be aware of such a possibility. Skip all the meaningless concepts. Think what the most important thing is and cover it in an informative and concise style. Explain your concepts clearly and avoid lengthy explanations. It’s always possible to find a shorter way.

 #7 Repeating the same sentences

One should understand when it’s allowed using repetitions and when it harms the quality of the paper. Repetitions are good when you try to underline a certain point and repeat it so that your readers didn’t lose the sense. Nonetheless, such repetitions should be written in other words. Explain the same term or idea differently. Many folks tend to write quite the same sentences. This is especially true when it comes to writing a conclusion. It’s well known that a conclusion should restate what was said in the beginning. However, it is required to provide the final thoughts based on the study provided in the main plot. The introduction gives only general data.

 #8 Too many clichés

Avoid clichés. Remember that your readers expect to read something new. Every paper ought to be unique and original. Many students add too many clichés that make the research uninteresting.

 #9 Plagiarism

Another typical error is plagiarism. Your papers must be 100% authentic. You have no right to use somebody’s words directly. You can only cite by the rules of the assigned writing style.

 #10 Structural errors

Many students have poor structure. They don’t divide paragraphs properly, don’t implement bullet lists or tables, etc. They write long sentences and paragraphs. This spoils the general impression of the work. You should properly organize the structure of your project and make it readable.

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