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Top 10 Strangest Habits All Over The World

People have some strange habits that are done every day or in some occasions. In some cases, habits of a given country are not compatible with others. The acceptable in some places are not necessarily being so in other places. Religious, cultural and social concepts form the habits of peoples. If you are travelling a lot, pay attention to this article so as not to be surprised by a given country’s habits. If you are interested in all the bizarre, follow up the top 10 strangest habits all over the world.

10 Would you like to have a shower? – Brazil

The initial question Brazilians would ask you whenever you arrived at their home was for all time if you are willing to have a shower! It is something that is usual for a Brazilian to offer any guest who is visiting him in Brazil, even if they are not staying over. That is because Brazil is a hot country and Brazilians are people who are deemed to be the most hygienic, you can meet.

9 Do not use index finger – Philippines

In the Philippines and some other countries, they never point with their index finger, as it is considered impolite in many cultures. Thus, what have you do if you actually need to point to something? Use your lips of course! You need to mope them as if you are having a kissy-face and do so towards the thing that you need people pay the attention to.

8 Squillo (missed call)- Italy

You may in general understand this as a missed call, although it is forever deliberate. We do this in most countries if we are willing to give someone our number, by dialing theirs and then calling them for only a second, and they will see ours on their caller ID. Italians use this in different way and make it a completely new form of communication. If you are meeting up with someone but will arrive 10 minutes late, the squillo refers that you are on your way.

7 Drop money all over the place –North America

One of the strangest habits is in North America, where many waiters are paid by customers instead by their boss. It is a concept called TIPS. You can punish the waiters if you are in a bad mood that day, or if you have no enough money to feel generous enough to be drop more around. The system of tipping is that to give the waiters more money than that due for the meals you have.

6 Over-romantic hellos and goodbyes – Latin Countries

In Latin countries in general, it refers that you just cannot just say “hi” to those you assemble in social situations. Even if the person is a girl, you give a peck or two on the cheek or even three or four in other places. The warmth among people in social situations is communicable and very hard to shudder.

5 Two hours for a single espresso – France

An espresso is not to fill your blood with caffeine. Instead it is to experience sitting at a café and taking the pleasure of the company you are with, or if alone, reading a book.

4 To be friendly with those in authority – Ireland

In Ireland, there is a tradition to talk to everyone with the same level of casualness, in spite of wealth or position level. This matter includes police officers in the street, you can invite them to the have a drink.

3 Carry around a lighter even if you never smoke – Turkey

It is very ordinary to come near strangers and ask if they have a lighter. Having a lighter, you have the chance to ask them dissimilar questions while you are lighting up their cigarettes and practicing some language, as many smokers have no lighters.

2 Sleeping in the centre of the day – Spain

In Spain at afternoon, everywhere is closed and you have about 2 hour break with no work. It is as hot as hell in the summer, so you do not want to be under your own steam outside the shade.

1 Confusing hand signals

In some countries, expressing certain ideas is different. The Filipino way of expressing that you are willing to get the menu  in a restaurant needs to long to be taught. If you want to say that something is “full”, this is done with Brazilian open-close hand with all fingers together. “Delicious” is expressed by boring index finger into chin.



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