Top 10 Deadliest Animals in the USA

After hundreds of thousands of years of evolution when primal humans were forced by nature to evolve in a way that fits the ever changing external conditions. In a world where only the strongest survives, diminishing the weak, humans have become the only animals able to adapt their surroundings to fit their needs along with adapting themselves to the environment in order to survive. Millions of acres of forests were wiped out to fit the human’s need, however some parts of nature stayed beyond his ability to change them such as deserts, mountains, faraway meadows, huge rainforests and other natural biotopes inhabited by wild animals. In North America, the rich wildlife is being protected by the government in order to preserve nature and protect the animals. However all animals deserve to be protected from extinction, some of them are dangerous and require those work around them to be careful, for even the wildest beasts are driven only by their primal call; to attack in defense, to attack in offense (usually during the mating season), to attack and kill to feed.

Some carnivores rely on biting, while some are venomous and others are able to wipe you out with a single strike of a paw. Having numerous protected areas which still natural habitats of many different animals, insects and critters, North America is also a home of some of the deadliest animals in the world which causes hundreds of deaths reported each year –cause of death: deadly animals. Here are the top 10 deadliest animals in the US that you should definitely avoid to meet.

10 Sharks

Sharks are one of the most talked-about marine predators, and although you might think that there are many deaths occurring year round due to shark attacks, sharks are not the deadliest creatures in the US or even the world. While there is an approximate number of 10 deaths a year caused by marine animals, only one to maximum two of them are caused by sharks, which suggests that your chances of getting killed in a shark attack is quite equal to the possibility of a cow ending your life.

9 Bulls

Speaking of cows, bulls also belong to the list of the deadliest animals in the US, causing nearly eight deaths yearly, along with numerous injuries caused by their strong kicks, deadly horns and great muscles. As reported there are over 500 deaths caused by livestock such as bulls, cows and even horses each year. Bulls also have very shaky temper, so they can easily get mad and attack, causing grave injuries and death.

8 Cougars

Otherwise called the North America’s mountain lion, cougar is a deadly animal, easily able to catch its prey due to its strong, massive claws, sharp, big teeth and speed. The predator feeds on horses, sheep and deer, ambushing its preys and  almost always flawlessly catching them. You can try running or pretend to be dead, but if the cougar feels threatened or extremely hungry – you will end up eaten.

7 Wolverines

What makes a wolverine dangerous is its readiness and ability to attack animals larger than this carnivorous animal. There have been reports of single wolverines killing bears over 10 times their size and weight by cutting the bears’ throats. If they could do this to bears, humans won’t be a great challenge to them.

6 Bears

Cartoons usually show these creatures as nice and cuddly, but bears in real life are far from nice and are extremely aggressive and territorial. There is more than a single type of bears inhabiting US forests, and there are over 30 deaths due to bear attacks reported in the US over the past 10 years.

5 Alligators

Alligators are mainly present in only some parts of the US such as Southern parts of the north where there is a large number of alligators living freely. They sometimes wander off to people’s backyards and porches, usually attacking and sometimes even causing deaths. There are about 12 deaths by alligators reported yearly.

4 Snakes

About 10 people die of snake venoms each year in the US. This number would have reached 100.000 if there weren’t for antidotes and prompt interventions after venomous snakes bites.

3 Dogs

Man’s best friend can easily turn against him if living on the street, rabid, threatened, hungry or driven by its instinct. There are about 250 deaths caused by dog attacks and over 800.000 reported injuries with the need of urgent medical care yearly.

2 Bees

Bees do more than just buzzing – they sting as well if they feel threatened or an unfortunate person stumbled upon a large hive with hundreds of these little stingers. When attacked by many bees, you can suffer a kidney failure or even die. There are over 70 deaths caused by bees, hornets and wasps each year.

1 Deer

One of the favorite prays of hunters all over the world make the first cause of deaths by animals in the US. Deer attack only during the mating season and your encounter with a dear probably wouldn’t result in death. However, there are over 200 deaths reported each year in the US and the cause is fatal car crash due the collision with a deer.

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