Top 10 Best Places to Live in the United States

Do you look for a change of your current location? Are you bored with your current city? Do you find your current city expensive or boring and not suitable for your current status? Of course, then you should know before moving to any place the answer to your questions. And know that there are many aspects you have to think about it such as the climate, political conditions, the affordable housing, low cost of living, health care, quality of life, the available schools and universities, overall value, population and median annual salary.

10 New York City

Median annual salary: $55,752

The city is one of the most important cities that is considered a student’s destination for students from all over the world despite the high cost of living and study. New York City contains the largest number of the best universities in the world such as Columbia University at 22, New York University at 53, and nine other universities in the world’s first 800 universities. It has many social activities. And the quality of life is high. All these aspects made it one of the best places to moves in the United States.

9 San Jose [California]

Population: 1,898,457
Median salary:  $75,770

San Jose is one of the largest cities in California; it is the capital of Santa Clara County. It is located in the Silicon Valley in the south of San Francisco Bay. It was an agricultural city, and by 1950 it had attracted much more population and developed considerably between the 1960s- 1990s and has become the major center for northern California. San Jose has the largest private sectors employers; it is easy to find an affordable job in it.

8 Sarasota [Florida]

The Population: 735,767
Median annual salary: $40,600

Sarasota is distinguished by a big number of cultural institutes and the Ringling Museum of Art that showcases of old masters and modern art. The city has a lot of wonderful beaches with fine sand and shallow waters; the most famous beaches are Lido Beach and Siesta Key Beach.It has a metro area that grew by 10.7 percent in 2011 to 2015.

7 Overland Park [Kansas]

Population: 176,520
Median annual salary: $71,094

The city has low crime rate cases that have made it a safe place to live in and attracted families to live in it. Overland Park has various kinds of entertainment and Healthcare options. Another quite important aspect of it is the stable economy. Residents can also have great opportunists for work as the city has a lot of facilities, great schools and high level of education. Residents can also enjoy the indoors and outdoors parks, and the great restaurants.

6 Ann Arbor [Michigan]

Population: 116,194
Median annual salary: $55,003

The Ann Arbor city is a beautiful and distinguished city in the United States. The great service system and facilities have made the city one of the best cities to live in America. The city has around 150 parks. The University of Michigan offers a lot of activist and events.  The Residents can enjoy their leisure time in many ways and places such as bookstores, restaurants and art galleries. It has a professional education system, and that made it a perfect city for families to have special education for their children.

5 Santa Barbara [California]

Population: 89,062
Median annual salary: $65,034

Santa Barbara is a city with beautiful weather. It is distinguished by its beaches and mountain views. Santa Barbara fascinating culture attracts the tourists and residents to explore it. You can find a professional healthcare service. And for entertainment, there are unique restaurants. Regarding the educational level, it has top schools that made the city very suitable for residents and families. All this has made it a wonderful place to live in.

4 Iowa City [Iowa]

Population: 69,314
Median annual salary $41,410

One of the most important places in Iowa city is the University of Iowa. The university provides classes and workshops for people to explore interesting fields which is a great opportunity for those interested in learning new staff. The city is distinguished with different sorts of arts and entertainment options. Throughout Iowa City, the creativity demonstrates of its residents. The City has excellent health care services, and concerning the education, it has the school district. Also, there are famous and great restaurants and shopping areas.


3 Madison [Wisconsin]

Population: 243,122
Median annual salary: $54,896

The city of Madison is known for its unique health care services presented to the American citizens. It was ranked the third among the best cities in America, and this has raised its stocks. There are also major factors that have made this city in the forefront the last three years, including the University of Wisconsin and many vital and distinctive schools.

2 Bellevue [Washington]

Population: 129,209
Median annual salary: $90,333

Bellevue is one of the beautiful cities in the United States. It has a lot of parks and bike paths. The city has managed to reach the second place in the rankings of the best cities to live in. The city has witnessed a remarkable tourist boom, especially with the presence of entertainment, festivals, and museums which make the residents enjoy the famous festivals and fairs. And concerning the education, the city has high ranked schools.


1 Rochester [Minnesota]

Population: 110,275
Median annual salary: $62,575

Rochester is at the top of the list of the best cities to live in the United States. Rochester is ranked the first concerning the best American cities to live in 2016 after was the second the year before, but it finally swept its rivals and earned the first place. This eminence is because of the development of the education system and schools, the health care services, all sorts of entertainment and the most important aspect is the affordable housing. The city is distinctive with its services and facilities.

Mayo Clinic is also an important aspect that has increased job opportunities and provided professional healthcare advantages. Rochester is on the top as it witnesses an economic boom which has brought thousands of new residents. The city offers you a lot of chances to choose what suits you.

Finally, and as we mentioned throughout the article when you decide to move into any place in the US you have to find answers to the questions that must cross your mind. Make sure to know the factors that guarantee the stability for any residents there such as climate, politics, affordable housing, access to well-paying jobs, a low cost of living, good schools, and the quality of healthcare.






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