Top 10 Healthiest Places You Can Live & Relax In

What is the meaning of a healthy city? Is it a place with a lot of open spaces where people can exercise and enjoy the fresh air? Do you prefer a place with little pollution or without pollution? A place where we can enjoy our life? Here in this list, you will see top ten of the healthiest places in the world.

10 Zurich, Switzerland

When we speak about Zurich we mean sport; as Sport plays an active role in our life. Also, you can enjoy seasonal vegetables and fruits from the region.  There are many types of sports facilities to choose from. This place combines between the healthy environment and the healthy food. It has a lot of museums such as: the Swiss National Museum and the Rietberg Museum. So, you will enjoy living in this place.

9 Calgary, Canada
It is the cleanest city in the world. In this place, you can enjoy the healthy food in awesome restaurants. You can keep your fitness around the year. In the colder months, you can choose to ski, snowboard or luge. In the summer months, you can go biking in the trails or skiing in the water.

8 Helsinki, Finland

This city was chosen as the World Design Capital because of its metropolitan and architectural design. It has a small number of cars, so the air is almost free from ratio. It has the lowest infant mortality rates; because of the good health circumstances.

7 Auckland, New Zealand

You will enjoy the healthy food in the restaurants of Auckland. In this city, Men and women can live more than 80 years old. It has a lot of good features such as: a great healthcare plan, lots of healthy things to do and lots of sunshine. Sailing is the common water sport in this city. You can visit the Auckland Art Gallery.

6 Minneapolis-St Paul, U.S.A.

In this city, you will enjoy walking and biking; as it has a lot of beautiful parks; the biking, walking parks and parks for the dogs. You can visit the Guthrie Theater which is the largest theater in this city, so you will enjoy living there. Also, you can enjoy playing at the golf courses for the adults that has many playgrounds. It is also the lowest pollution cities in the United States. It exceeds the highest rate of physical activity.

5 Sydney, Australia

You can go out to exercise or just enjoy the fresh air in the parks and trails. Also, you can go to the fitness gyms and sports facilities. In Sydney, you can use the bike instead of using the car to reduce the rate of pollution and to keep the air fresh.

4 Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm has a lot of beautiful museums; these museums make it a great place for learning about the culture and the arts. These museums are: the Fotografiska, the Skansen Open-Air Museum and the Gamla Stan museum. You can have a walk and enjoy the awesome views of this town.

3 Copenhagen, Denmark

You can ride your bike in this place instead of using the cars to keep the city clean. So, this city is one of the healthiest cities in the world. Also you will enjoy the healthy foods in the restaurants specially; the dishes that depend on the vegetables and mainly organic. If you choose this city, you will be the happiest one.

2 Tokyo, Japan

There are a lot of green spaces in Tokyo, so it is a very beautiful city. You will enjoy the healthy and fresh foods. One thinks that he can eat the fried food, but concerning the uncooked fish , it will be a disaster; as it is a very weird dish. One cannot forget the tidy and clean surroundings in this beautiful city. Japanese life expectancy remains the highest in the world.

1 Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the healthiest place in the world because of the health education and the health care. Also, it has qualified doctors who can help you with a perfect experience. This city is surrounded by mountains, the ocean and other islands. It has a large number of doctors and many of the people who practice Traditional Chinese Medicine which not just focuses on the ailment. So, this city is a very perfect one.

So, our health is a very expensive thing in our life, and it deserves to be kept on.

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