Top 10 Striped Wall Ideas for Attractive Home Decoration

Wall color is a critical step in home decoration and the turning point that moves the home from the nothing and gives every corner and part a personality. It is responsible for the visual attraction. If you make a proper choice of the technique and color, it will make your home distinguish and unique. Wall color reflects the taste of the owner of the home. Among the various techniques, the striped wall is a beautiful trend in wall painting; it adds a unique structure to the home decoration; plus you can apply it in any room and decoration style; modern, classic, bedrooms, children room, kitchens, bathrooms and even home entrances.

You can mix the technique with crazy colors and add tons of fun to your home; you can use it as a solution for small entrance and rooms. Also, it gives you the variation to choose between vertical, horizontal, and pattern views. Choose the perfect mix, and it will make the perfect look. It is a very simple, yet distinguished technique that could change the final look of the room. If you want to add a lovely look to your home and change your mood, if you seek a fresh and outstanding decor, you need to make a right choice of color and also choose wisely from the different shapes of strips. Following are 10 of the most attractive striped wall ideas.

10 Vertically striped technique

Striped painted wall is a great decoration idea that gives a blank wall a personality and reflects your taste. The vertically striped technique is very simple and could solve some weaknesses of a room; you can use it to make the ceiling appear higher, for it adds dimensions to the room, but you have to make sure of the measurements and spaces.

2 Horizontally striped technique

It is another method that can change the final look of any room. If you want to apply striped walls to any room, use it in the narrow rooms or small entrances; it adds space and makes the room look wider. Just make good use of areas and measurements of the room and you will come up with good results.

8 Multi color striped wall 

It is a cool and simple idea that adds a crazy touch to the room and make you feel alive, but make sure to choose the right colors that add much when mixed. You can mix unexpected colors, and it will come up with a cool look. Unleash your imagination!

7 Half striped wall paint

Half horizontal stripes painted on walls give you the feeling of width even though the bathroom is small. It tricks the eyes and and don’t make it feel overwhelming. This makes it a smart treatment for small places.

6 Wide striped walls

A bedroom is a place where you rest your body and eyes. Choosing the suitable color is very important and mixing gold with white is so elegant and excellent choice. Blue is also good with gold. Although the room may not be wide, the horizontal stripes give you more space. The wide stripes are softer than the narrow ones which makes it suitable for bedrooms.

5 Narrow stripes 

A narrow striped technique may look busy in the final view, but it is such unique and chic idea.  And if you make good use of the colors it will give you an excellent look. Choose the perfect mix of colors which make good contrasting.

4 Different size striped wall 

Applying the technique of different sizes or not equal sized stripes could add a lot. It will give you good contemporary effect.

3 Entrance striped walls

Entrances are short and narrow places. You can add more space to any small entrance by applying that technique to it. If you make horizontal stripes it will attract your eyes to the end of the entrance and forget the small space. Also, the choice of white and black for the lines is perfect as the contrast they create makes the lines very determined which is very suitable for the entrance.

2 Kitchens in striped walls

Applying strips to one wall in your kitchen will add a lot to its decoration. The choice of deep stripes colors is fantastic.  Matching the colors of the cabinets with those of the walls shapes the final appearance of the kitchen. You can add joy to your kitchen and make a corner for breakfast time. The choice of the orange pallet is significant in the kitchen to give you positive energy.

1 Striped patterns technique

If you choose the right colors, it will bring light and brightness and also characterize the personality of the room. Adding the suitable striped pattern on walls, one wall in the room, will add much to the room. This technique will also add dimensions to the room and fix any weaknesses if you chose the suitable pattern and made a perfect measurement to the space and dimensions of the room. The contrast resulted from mixing gray, white, green, fuchsia and blue is beautiful.

Finally, choosing the suitable color with the proper strips will add a lot to any corner or wall in your home and will also help you to fix any problem you might face while decorating your place. Striped walls make visual illusion and turn the small place into wide one, therefore give corners and small rooms more spacious. It is a very cool and helpful technique that costs you nothing compared to other decoration and painting techniques.

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