top 10 Best Asian Interior Design Ideas Expected to Rock

Asian trends in home decoration are always characterized by warmth, soft colors and cozy touch. Their designs are connected with spiritual beliefs, and they express the connection between spiritual, intellectual and religious beliefs in in many countries, including Japan, Korea, China, and Thai. The Asian designs are famous for simplicity which makes their designs away from exaggeration and costs, for the main concept here is comfort and simple look which depends on the use of natural raw materials like wood, leaves and natural plants in furniture and home accessories. The color pallet varies from orange, yellow, and green. Wood colors are more common in benches, tables and floors. The Asian style in decoration does not tend to the high lighting but rather depends on small side lights to convey the comfort, serenity, and calm which characterize these creative people.  They evoke nature in everything, and you could see that reflected in their colors.

The green color represents nature and from nature, therefore has its positive effect on the psychological side in human beings, as it works to strengthen immunity which makes it necessary in the home decoration in general, and in children rooms especially. Also, the use of yellow increases the feelings of joy and thoughts that raises the spirit as it activates the brain and strength the mind. It is used to stimulate creativity and eliminate thinking, especially in the incidence of nervous tension. The using of orange color reduces the negative energy and refreshes the mind. Now, we present you 10 of the Asian home interior design features

10  The classic exteriors  

The classic exteriors comes at the first place in Asian home designs. Most Asian houses are designed in a classic style, like old temples, with classical colors such as red, green, and brown in natural wood around the house. As we mentioned, they evoke nature in everything.

9  Simplicity and calmness 

We noticed that Asian people all the time in most of their designs and colors target simplicity and calmness, whether in classic or modern style. The choice of calm pallets such as pastel yellow and cyan color with white walls provides serenity in the space with the use of more lighting and breadth.

8  Furniture and decoration 

Most of their furniture is just a masterpiece that everyone wishes to acquire. It gives the place richness and luxury. The majority of these pieces are brown in various degrees, with many golden ornaments in a traditional way.

7  Classic bedrooms 

Bedrooms in the Asian region are characterized by simplicity without losing their unique and distinguish touch at the same time. The low beds are in natural wood. They also comprise large areas with less decoration. Asian bedrooms also have wooden accessories and traditional antiques. And red is employed beautifully.

6  Traditional drawings 

They paint them in distinctive forms and large sizes. Traditional drawings include animals and scared birds of Asian people, which are of great importance in their beliefs and civilization. They are found in houses and public places as one of their most distinctive heritage signs. These paintings also bear pictures of dragons on branches of trees and huge flowers. These motifs are employed in wallpapers as well.

5  Asian baths 

Asian bathroom designs are very inspiring and extraordinary, known for tranquility and simplicity, which is a source of relaxation in public baths and traditional massage centers. Here too we find natural raw materials like stone and marble in the walls and floors; natural plants and dim lights remind us of the religious temples. There, statues and carvings of buddha are a distinctive mark.

4  Asian sculpture 

Ancient Asian heritage is rich in historical carvings and sculptures that reflect the broad civilizations and cultures that have existed in this area since the beginning of time. They are not only found in museums and temples but also in homes. The Asians insist in decorating every corner in their homes with traditional sculptures.

3  The balance 

The most important thing that distinguishes the Asian home decoration and culture, generally, is that the choice of colors and materials are always away from extremism and exaggeration. The Asian peoples are proud of their culture, civilization and traditional folk patterns, and they do not care too much about Western ideas. They search all the time for the designs that provide the inner peace and tranquility.

2  Color shades 

They derived it from nature which is reflected in their designs. They know how to reflect the different yellow colors of the sun during the day and its various degrees. Actually nature is evoked in their employment of colors; the use of greens, browns, blues, gold and red.

1  Natural touch 

Asian decorations are characterized by colors, materials, and engravings that depict the spirit of nature and reflect its breezes in the place; you will not find any Asian house without wooden products in furniture, floors, traditional leather and wooden products. Green plants and herbs manifest a strong relationship with nature and a high intimacy among the family members.

Asian culture and civilization is unique and inspiring. Being an inspiration of nature and traditions, Asian home interior design evokes images of serenity and scent of history. We hope that you have enjoyed and sensed this in these various designs and decors, for simplicity and tenderness can drive you away from the artificial life and negative energy in everyday life all over the world.

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