Attractive Characteristics of Porcelanosa Bathroom Collections

As shown by the most important fairs in the world, there is a trend that summarizes the interior design of the 21st century: the search for personalization. To respond to this global demand, Noken from the Porcelabosa Grupo is committed to expanding the colors and finishes of its bathroom collections, as well as multiplying its individualization possibilities.

Noken is the bathroom equipment firm of the PORCELANOSA Grupo. From the moment it was founded in 2001, Noken has been concerned with designing bathroom pieces that improve people’s lives. Technology and functionality at the service of your needs. Production, understanding each element from its origin, is one of its maxims. Pieces are made from the detail that recalls the craftsmanship, despite the large volumes of manufacture and distribution of the firm. The careful selection of raw materials and continuous research and certifications ratify Noken’s quality seal, whose objective is to offer excellence.

1 Sustainability

Sustainability is a necessity; it is not a fad, as demonstrated by the ECO Conscious taps. A collection that is included within the sustainable concept WaterForest by Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms. Why do these Noken bathroom taps attract attention? By design, and because the products and solutions that carry this label reduce water consumption, CO2 emissions, and environmental impact. In fact, they allow you to save up to 89% of water compared to a normal tap since they incorporate a series of sustainable and intelligent solutions with technology, and they have respect for the environment as a priority.

2 Technology

Among these sustainable and intelligent solutions from WaterForest, for example, a cold opening system stands out, a system that allows hot water to be activated only when the user needs it since from its initial position, it only lets cold water pass. This way, you can control the energy consumption and the carbon dioxide emitted by heaters and boilers when the water is tempered, and also avoid the risk of burns.

Another of the systems that are included within the sustainable WaterForest concept is the ECO aerator. This technology guarantees pressure comfort but limits the flow to a fixed maximum of liters per minute, being able to reduce water use by up to 89%. If a standard faucet consumes 12 liters/minute, with Noken ECO WaterForest aerators, the consumption can be reduced to 1.3 liters/min, which means a saving of -89% in water

The WaterForest system also stands out for the use of AIR ECO technology for sprinklers and hand showers, a technology that mixes water with air, and its own mechanism reduces consumption by 10%, thus also reducing C02 emissions. In this way, if the expense in a standard shower is 20 liters/minute, with AIR ECO, it is limited to 6 liters/minute. Which in percentage terms is 70% less consumption.

3 Design

In addition to being sustainable, design lovers also like the pieces to be beautiful, to have an aesthetic that integrates harmoniously in the bathrooms. And the Noken taps to which these systems can be applied have these characteristics. Functional and imaginative pieces that do not give up their customization possibilities, thanks to the incorporation of new metal finishes for taps, and with new lines and aesthetic shapes with special finishes in bathroom taps, showerheads, and accessories. ‘All metal’ sparkles that increase the exclusivity of the pieces and expand their decorative possibilities.

In addition, this season, the new design has its own name and is called: gold, copper, black, and titanium. Exclusive, premium looks with vintage touches that, without being ostentatious, raise the value of the pieces in the bathroom to create unique spaces. Noken’s special finishes that are made of PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) offer a more durable finish than other finishes, while Noken’s chrome finish is also distinctive. For its part, Maximum Chrome guarantees beauty, durability, and optimal resistance of the chrome finish.

4 Elegance

Precious metals are one of the most important current trends in fashion and decoration. Along these lines, Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms defines new lines and aesthetic shapes for the bathroom with its special finishes for bathroom taps, showerheads, and accessories in gold, copper, black, and Premium titanium colors. ‘All metal’ sparkles that increase the exclusivity of the pieces and expand their decorative possibilities. Noken’s special finishes are made of PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition), which achieves a more durable finish. For its part, Noken’s chrome finish is also distinctive. Maximum Chrome guarantees optimum beauty, durability, and resistance of the chrome finish, thanks to rigorous controls.

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