Top 20 Business and Corporate Lawyers in the USA

Getting a reputable and experienced business attorney can make your business enjoy some long term benefits, which otherwise wouldn’t have been possible. For instance, such a professional will ensure you avoid having problems with the law, which could have resulted in possible sanctions and fines. In the post below, TopTeny lists magazine will be revealing 20 of the best corporate attorneys in the US.

1 Robert E. Armstrong

At the moment, Robert E. Armstrong is working with McDonald Carano LLP, a law firm located in Reno, Nevada. Some of his practice areas are planning income tax, estate laws, charity/nonprofit laws, and more. There is so much expectation for a professional who has been in this field for over thirty years helping businesses and individuals unravel various aspects of the law pertaining to the business. Robert E. Armstrong has managed to handle a series of lectures on subject matters like tax, family trust companies, charitable giving as well as tax exemption.

2 Rodolfo J. Aguilar, Jr.

Rodolfo J. Aguilar, Jr. is a professional attorney who has proven to understand the field of corporate law over the years. His achievements have been nothing short of impressive in recent times. For instance, he is known to have won the best lawyers award for years 2011 and 2020. He has proven to be very experienced in areas such as insurance regulatory, merger, commercial litigation practices, real estate, and more.

3 Mark K. Adams

Mark K. Adams is a US business attorney who works with Rodey, Dickason, Sloan, Akin, & Robb P.A. His achievements for clients over the years have earned him a place amongst others on this list. He is vastly experienced in the field of corporate law, having graduated from Harvard University law school. His practice areas are natural resources law, water law, and environmental law.

4 Lee A. Albanese

When it comes to subject matters like corporate tax, intellectual property, acquisition, mergers, and others, Lee A. Albanese is simply one of the best in the US. This is why he has been working with some A-list clients on matters related to tax counseling.

5 Douglas C. Alexander II 

Douglas C. Alexander II has managed to represent clients in various industries over the years, thereby earning positive reviews for excellent services. Some areas that he can handle expertly for clients are the transition of ownership to another generation, assisting business owners, taxation, business management, and acquisition.

6 Martha M. Anderson

Martha M. Anderson graduated from Michigan University in Arbor. She is vastly experienced in helping entrepreneurs and middle-class clients interpret the law. Some of the areas she has proven to be specialized in are commercial transactions, business planning, loan workouts, accountable care organizations, and healthcare law. She is also vastly experienced in matters about litigation. Anderson handles healthcare provider issues like fraud & abuse, compliance matters, billing and reimbursements, third-party audits, contract negotiations, licensing, and entity formation.

7 Raymond G. Areaux

Raymond G. Areaux works with Carver, Darden, Koretzky, Tessier, Finn, Blossman & Areaux L.L.C. This is one of the most reputable law firms in the US at the moment. Raymond protects the interest of clients on matters about intellectual property, technology law, and commercial litigation. In the year 2018, he won an award as the best lawyer in Litigation  Intellectual Property, New Orleans.

8 Scott E. Andress

In case you are looking for a reliable corporate lawyer who has proven to understand gaming law, there is no need for further search as Scott E. Andress can meet all of your needs. He has in-depth knowledge in the field of gaming law. This is probably why Andress is well-respected amongst his clients. He has worked with various companies in the gaming industry, providing some strategic analysis that can help meet their legal needs.

9 Adam J. Agron

Adam J. Agron has proven to be one of the best cooperate lawyers in the US. He has helped lots of businesses win some legal battles over the years. Adam’s major areas of specialty are laws on acquisitions & mergers and capital Markets/securities. A proof of Adam’s high level of expertise is the fact that he is a co-managing partner of the popular Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck, LLP. This law firm has been existing since 1968.

10 Robert E. August

Robert E. August doesn’t only work with Merline & Meacham, P.A. Rather, he is also one of the firm’s shareholders. His practice areas are family business law, tax law, and estate laws. He has managed to leave an indelible impression on clients over the years by helping to meet their legal needs pertaining to business law.

11 Kenneth B. Abel

Kenneth B. Abel is simply one of the best corporate lawyers, especially on matters such as corporate law, mergers & acquisition laws. He also focuses on Maryland corporation issues and representation of private fund & investment adviser.  Kenneth is widely recognized by top legal publications in the US. In case you are looking forward to growing your company but don’t understand how to get around compliance matters, he is one of the best who can help out. This is based on his records with clients.

12 Allan R. Abravanel

At the moment, Allan R. Abravanel is working with Perkins Coie LLP in Portland, Oregon. His work has brought him fame and recognition in Best Lawyers in America. His practices are corporate law, public finance, International Transactions & Trade, international trade, export controls, municipal finance, license agreements, securities offerings, and international trade remedies.

13 Benjamin C. Adams, Jr.

Benjamin Adams Jr. works with Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC. He has been playing the role of chief executive officer and chairman since 2003. When it comes to matters related to estate planning as well as cooperate laws, he is one of the best. He is also vastly experienced in the drafting of trusts and wills. His knowledge in matters related to mergers & acquisitions can’t be taken for granted in any way.

14 John A. Aiello

John A. Aiello is a corporate attorney based in Red Bank, New Jersey. When it comes to a professional who has proven to possess vast knowledge about corporate law, John tends to tick all of the boxes. He won different awards in 2011, 2012 and 2013 as one of the best around. His areas of expertise are mergers and acquisition laws.

15 Glenn A. Adams

Glenn A. Adams is an attorney who is specialized in areas related to taxation and cooperate laws. When it comes to getting valuable pieces of advice on issues related to a business entity, Glenn is the best person you can look up to. He will give you professional advice on compliance matters about how your business can grow without having any problem with the law. These consultations could be regarding business stages such as business formation, growth sustenance, liquidation upon its sale, or any other circumstance.

16 William C. Arnhols

When it comes to areas such as corporate law, banking law, and finance law, the knowledge and experience of William C. Arnhols are undisputed. With over 30 years of experience as a business attorney, William has gained a reputation as one of the best around. Williams has rendered services involving private and public debt transactions. He has managed to negotiate some transactions involving billions of dollars. Finally, he has performed the roles of the borrower’s counsel over the years.

17 John Fox Arnold

John Fox Arnold is a reputable business attorney who works with Lashly & Baer, P.C, located in St. Louis, Missouri. He has worked with various public agencies over the years, playing the role of a general and special counsel. During the process of acquisition and execution of governmental projects, he has managed to represent various parties involved. John has structured tax abatement, sales tax rebate, and also performed the role of counsel during transactions that are tax-incentivized.

18 Kimberly Baber

The achievements of Kimberly Baber over the years have been nothing short of impressive. Her practice areas are finance & banking law and business law. At the moment, she is working with Varnum LLP. It is true that she hasn’t gained much experience when compared to the other business attorneys listed above. However, she has worked with various clients and earned some positive reviews, especially on matters related to business formation advice and compliance issues.

19 Keith G. Baldwin

When it comes to designing cost-effective legal solutions, Keith G. Baldwin understands how to prioritize the needs of clients over other matters. This is why he has been working with a reputable law firm like Davis Wright Tremaine LLP since the year 2000. Baldwin can handle various aspects such as security offerings, questions on corporate governance, asset & stock acquisition, and sales. He has managed to represent the interests of business in different fields like securities, professional services, technology, manufacturing, and restaurants. With over 40 years of experience, there is no doubt that your business is fully secured using the services of Keith G. Baldwin.

20 Jason E. Balog

Jason E. Balog is a top business attorney who has helped various clients in the past. His practice has been diverse as he tends to focus on representing clients on business matters like corporate acquisitions and mergers. He has even worked with some Fortune 500 businesses, which is quite impressive.

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