Top Gems: Your Complete Guide to Gem Classifications

You might have encountered the word “gem” ever since you were a kid. You might even know a handful of their classifications. There are a lot of types of gemstones in this world; some are even rarely heard of such as Alexandrites and Spinels. We will explore more as you go deeper in this article.

Looking back at history, you will notice that gemstones have been playing different roles in human affairs. From jewelry collections of mythology to fashion statements in hip hop jewelry, to diamonds that display a human’s status in society; gemstones have a lot of contributions to our existence. Below is a comprehensive list of the gems that have been cherished since history began and those that have only recently been discovered.

1 Diamonds

Diamonds are the most loved gems of all time. If you still do not know, diamonds are regarded as the toughest natural gem on the planet due to their unique characteristics. Diamonds take billions of years to naturally from inside the planet’s crust. Since natural diamonds are really hard to find, experts have invented diamonds that are created in a laboratory that has the same characteristics as the natural ones. The good thing about lab generated diamonds is that they are certified and can be bought without compromising your savings account.

 2 Sapphires

The September birthstone commonly known as the semi-precious stone sapphire comes in gorgeous shades of violet and blue. Sapphires symbolize trust, loyalty, honesty, and purity. Aside from diamonds, sapphires are a great choice to put in the centerpiece of engagement rings. Sapphires with pure blue colors are stunning, but they also come with an expensive price tag.

 3 Spinels

You may have heard of the gemstone ruby. According to ancient scripts, spinels are regarded as the daughter of ruby. Spinels usually come in red colors but may also be in hues of pink, purple, and orange. Aside from its beautiful colors, this gemstone is speculated to protect its user from danger and act as a conduit to ward off loneliness.

 4 Alexandrite

Alexandrite is one of the birthstones for June and comes in enchanting colors. If you love magic, you will be charmed by this gem. During the day, the gemstone looks bluish with a touch of moss green. While under the lamplight the Alexandrite’s color changes to red in a tender raspberry hint. This gemstone is best for individuals who are looking for inspiration and innovation.

 5 Pearls

The other of June’s birthstones. In ancient history, pearls were believed to be the “Tears of God.” Pearls are the most natural and biological gemstone, created inside a living creature. Due to the intense difficulty of harvesting pearls in the depths of the oceans, a method of culturing pearls has been invented which produces almost identical gems similar to those found in the deep blue sea.

 6 Ruby

Rubies are one of the most commonly known among the gemstones. The July birthstone is famous for symbolizing passion, love, and courage. Rubies are regarded as cherished treasures of ancient kings and emperors throughout history. Rubies are available in various shades of red. They are also known to be the brightest and passionate gem around.

 7  Tourmaline

The October birthstone is also popularly called a “mixed stone.” This is due to the gem’s spectrum of colors which combine great color combinations. Though these gems look attractive, they usually disappoint potential buyers due to its hefty price.

 8 Opal

This gemstone is known as the Queen of Gems due to its vibrant shades. It embodies all of the other colored gems and is known to be as unique as a human’s fingerprints.

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