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TOP 10 Best New Year’s Day Ideas

One of the best and most amazing things that happen every year in most of the countries, if it is not all of them, is celebrating the New Year’s Eve. Celebrating this day is not the same in all the countries’ traditions around the world as it differs from one country to another. So, why to celebrate the New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day in the same place where you live while you can go to other new places around the world to discover more about the different ways of partying and celebrating a new year.

Traveling to a new place or country is the best thing that you can ever do to welcome a new year. Visiting a new place allows you to relax your mind, refresh your body and enjoy the best moments in your life whether it is alone or with family and friends. In addition to enjoying dancing and watching the fireworks displays on the New Year’s Eve, there are other several activities that are offered by different countries to make the New Year’s Day holiday more exciting. Here are the top 10 best New Year’s Day ideas to start preparing yourself for celebrating the New Year in a new way.

10 Go to the beach – Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro (1)
Rio de Janeiro (2)
Rio de Janeiro (3)

Going to the beach may be one of the craziest things to think of for celebrating a new year. The weather is very cold and the beaches are expected to be empty, but when it comes to Rio de Janeiro you will find this completely different. Copacabana Beach is one of the most amazing beaches that you can find in the whole world and it attracts over two million people on the New Year’s Eve not because of the white sand, clear water or the stunning atmosphere, but because it hosts the largest New Year’s Eve party in the world.

This stunning celebration is called Réveillon and the locals appear in white clothes on this day believing that this brings good luck. The flowers are also thrown in the ocean as a gift to the goddess of the seas known as Yemanjá. On the New Year’s Day, you can enjoy having the first breakfast of the year which is usually solemn, lentil soup and lentils for ensuring prosperity and health in the New Year. After having breakfast, you can go to the Ipanema Beach to enjoy swimming and taking a nap on the beach.

9 Enjoy New Year’s Day Parades – London 

London (1)
London (2)
London (3)
London (4)

Millions of Londoners crowd the streets, bridges and banks of Thames to enjoy watching the fireworks display and lightshow that last for about 10 minutes. The celebration does not end here as you can still enjoy your time on the New Year’s Day with the New Year’s Day colorful parade that features thousands of performers, musicians, dancers, cheerleaders and acrobats through Central London making this parade one of the major events in London. All of these things make celebrating the New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day more interesting in London.

8 Visit observatories & museums – Tokyo 

Tokyo (1)
Tokyo (2)
Tokyo (3)

On the New Year’s Eve, thousands of people gather in the streets to enjoy the fireworks display and crowd the restaurants to have buckwheat noodles for ensuring happiness and health in the New Year. The temples take part in celebrating the New Year and the countdown to midnight through ringing bells which makes the celebration more amazing.

On the New Year’s Day, you can pay a visit to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building for enjoying the free observation decks and the twin observatories, Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Skytree, Odaiba for shopping and entertainment, Shiodome with its skyscrapers, restaurants, shops, hotels, theaters, cafes and more attractions and you can also visit the Roppongi Hills which is considered to be a city within the city for having an art museum, hotel, restaurants, shops and an open-air observation deck.

7 Enjoy the nightlife – Las Vegas 

Las Vegas
Las Vegas (1)
Las Vegas (2)
Las Vegas (3)

Las Vegas is widely known as the best nightlife destination in the world and it is turned into a massive street party on the New Year’s Eve. In Las Vegas, you can find thousands of people from around the world gathering in the streets such as the Fremont Street and on the famous Strip to enjoy drinking, dancing, fireworks display, live bands, laser shows, concerts, performances with famous stars in addition to more parties in casinos, clubs and hotels for those who do not want to celebrate the New Year’s Eve and Day in the streets.

6 Be the first to celebrate the New Year’s Eve & Enjoy boutique music festivals – Sydney  

Sydney (1)
Sydney (2)
Sydney (3)

Sydney is the world’s first major city to celebrate the New Year’s Eve not because it cares more about this occasion, but because the clock in this city strikes midnight before other cities around the world. You can welcome the New Year with a fascinating and large fireworks display over Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge in addition to a smoking ceremony for removing the evil spirits of the past year. There are also many new year decoration ideas as aerial acrobatics and the Harbour of Light Parade in which 50 vessels are decorated with rope lights in different amazing colors.

On the New Year’s Day, you can enjoy having an amazing brunch at one of the Sydney cafes, go to the Bondi beach to relax and enjoy the Field Day in The Domain with several stages and famous local and international artists. The Field Day is known as the most popular boutique music festival in Sydney and one of the best and most important music events in Australia.

5 Visit temples & shrines – Bangkok

Bangkok (1)
Bangkok (2)
Bangkok (3)
Bangkok (4)
Bangkok (5)
Bangkok (6)
Bangkok (7)

For celebrating your next 2017 New Year’s Eve, you can go to the Central World Square, the 6th largest shopping complex in the world, to join thousands of people gathering there to welcome the New Year, watch the fireworks display and enjoy the amazing light and sound shows in addition to the live performances. If you are looking for serenity and enjoying celebrating the New Year’s Eve in a quiet place away from the crowds, then you can try having dinner on a river cruise with your beloved or go to the rooftop restaurants.

On the New Year’s Day, you will find many places to visit and most of them are shrines and temples. You can enjoy visiting the Grand  Palace, Wat Saket or Temple of The Golden Mount, Wat Arun “Temple of Dawn”, Wat Pho “Temple of Reclining Buddha”, Wat Suthat that is known for the red Giant Swing at its entrance, Wat Bowonniwet Vihara Rajavaravihara and Wat Mahathat Yuwarajarangsarit. You can also start the New Year by getting a massage at one of the spas there to relax your body and mind and forget everything around you in this world.

4 Visit the Eiffel Tower – Paris  

Paris (1)
Paris (2)
Paris (3)
Paris (4)

Paris is one of the best tourist destinations in the whole world and is widely known as the City of Light. This city remains the same on the New Year’s Eve thanks to the stunning lightshow and fireworks display in the streets especially at the Eiffel Tower. The Avenue des Champs-Élysées which is the most famous avenue in the world hosts a giant street party as well.

On the New Year’s Day, you can visit the Musée Jacquemart André, Musée d’Orsay, Centre Pompidou, Parisian cemeteries, shops and showrooms on the Champs-Elysées, movie theatres, brasseries, Bateaux Mouches, the Eiffel Tower, Disneyland Paris, Le Moulin Rouge and enjoy Seine River cruise in addition to La Grande Parade de Paris – Champs Elysées that is organized by Le Monde Festive at 2 PM.

3 Go to the zoo – Madrid 

Madrid (1)
Madrid (2)
Madrid (3)
Madrid (4)

Celebrating the New Year’s Eve in Madrid differs from other cities around the world as in addition to the fireworks display that can be found anywhere on such a special day, you can find the Madrileños or Madrilenians welcoming the new year by swallowing 12 grapes believing that it is a sign of good luck in the coming year if they succeeded in finishing all the 12 grapes on time. In order to enjoy the fireworks display, you have to go to Puerta de Sol plaza where you will find thousands of people waiting there in front of the clock.

On the New Year’s Day, you can go to the Zoo Aquarium de Madrid, which is one of the largest zoos in Spain and one the world’s few zoos to house giant pandas, to enjoy seeing different shows such as the sea lion show, dolphin show, free flight birds of prey show, free-flying exotic bird show and more stunning things that leave you amazed especially if you are with your children. You can also visit the Plaza Mayor, La plaza de Oriente, La Plaza de Cibeles, Templo de Debod and Buen Retiro Park that is known as the lungs of Madrid and offers different kinds of activities.

2 Swim & Watch the famous ball drop – NYC

New York City
New York City (1)
New York City (2)
New York City (3)

The only place in which you can watch such a beautiful thing is New York City. New York City is one of the most amazing places that you can visit for celebrating the New Year’s Eve because of the unique atmosphere that it has. By going to Times Square in New York City, you can find thousands of people gathering there waiting for the Waterford crystal LED ball to drop. This ball is a geodesic sphere which is about 12 feet in diameter and weighs nearly 11,875 lbs which is approximately the same weight of an African elephant.

There are 2,688 Waterford crystal triangles that cover the ball and 32,256 Philips Luxeon Rebel LEDs to illuminate it. With more than 16 million colors and billions of patterns, you can definitely enjoy celebrating the New Year’s Eve in an unforgettable way. In addition to the famous ball drop, you can also enjoy listening to famous musicians, watching fireworks display on Liberty Island, trying boat ride on New York Harbor and more. On the New Year’s Day, you can enjoy visiting parks, museums and theaters, going shopping, having brunch on a yacht, visiting the observation deck, seeing shows, going ice-skating, attending the poetry marathon and going to the Coney Island Polar Bear Club for taking part in the annual new year’s day swim.

1 Enjoy the luxury lifestyle & Desert safari – Dubai

Dubai (2)
Dubai (3)
Dubai (4)
Dubai (5)
Dubai (6)
Dubai (7)
Dubai (8)

Believe it or not! Dubai is the trendiest, best and most popular New Year’s Eve destination in the world. Do you know why? This is caused by the great development that can be found in Dubai and appears in its hotels, infrastructure and attractions. In Dubai, you can enjoy the amazing feeling of luxury and experience a new lifestyle even if it is for just a few days. In addition to the luxurious lifestyle, you can also enjoy the fireworks display at Burj Khalifa and the rocking music in the streets. Dubai has broken the world record for the longest and largest fireworks display in the world for the NYE celebrations.

On the New Year’s Day, you can enjoy going on a desert safari, visiting Burj Khalifa & Burj Al Arab, trying cage snorkeling at Dubai Aquarium, ice skating, sightseeing boat tour, entertaining at Aquaventure Waterpark, going to shopping malls, visiting Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo and watching horse racing at Meydan. So, is there anything else that you need for enjoying celebrating the New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day in a unique and unforgettable way?

Where do you want to be when the clock strikes 12?

Which place do you want to visit for starting the New Year?

“Happy New Year in Advance” 

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