Top 10 Most Stunning & Incredible 3D Printing Wonders

Modern technology is responsible for making our life more interesting and it will not stop stunning us with what is presented every day. Without technology, we will find ourselves exerting a huge effort to get what we want, spend a lot of money and waste our time making the life boring, tiring and costly. Modern technology comes to facilitate all of this and make our life more interesting. 3D printing is one of the most important things that have been presented to us by modern technology. 3D printers have recently appeared, however their popularity increases rapidly in an unbelievable way to be found in different fields and affect different aspects of life. You can say that almost everything can be printed using 3D printers. Anything you can think of can be turned into a real thing thanks to the 3D printers that are developed every day to become more and more accurate and to allow us to 3D print different objects accurately. Here is a quick glance at the top 10 most stunning and incredible 3D printing wonders that will dazzle you.

10 3D printed quadcopters

3D printing has made it easy to produce these flying devices that are called quadcopters making them more common and their popularity increases every day. Quadcopters are not just interesting toys that can fascinate children and enable them to enjoy their time, but they are also perfect and beneficial to those who look for something that can fly for more security.

9 3D printed weapons

3D printed weapons are considered by many people to be catastrophic since they will encourage the process of carrying weapons and increasing the number of killed persons. This is why most of the people call for banning 3D printing weapons and removing all the design plans that are associated with 3D weapons from the web, but it seems that these 3D printed weapons will become common one day for being easy to be produced.

8 3D printed heart

Nothing is better than saving one’s life and giving this person the chance to live with the family for a longer time and escape from death. This really happened when a 3D printer was used by surgeons to save a two-year-old girl’s life by accurately printing a 3D heart which is a precise copy of the toddler’s heart. The 3D copy helped the surgeons to precisely know what to do and how to patch the big hole in the toddler’s heart. Bio-tech companies try now to make use of 3D printers for producing real organs and cells which are functional like the human ones.

7 3D printed camera

There are many people who prefer SLR cameras and think that they are better than other types of cameras even those with good resolution on our mobile phones, but unfortunately this type of cameras is costly which forces some people to purchase those cameras with lower resolution. Thanks to 3D printers, you can now get your SLR camera and the good news is that it is not expensive as it costs just $30. The bad news is that you cannot print the lens and you also have to look for a place from which you can purchase film.

6 3D printers in space

It seems that 3D printing does not want to leave anything without being used for producing it even in space and its requirements. 3D printing saves money and time which encouraged NASA to get a rocket engine injector through using a 3D printer. In addition to using 3D printers for creating different objects that are required in space, there are 3D printers that are especially developed for being used in space which allows those who travel to space to create all the objects and tools that they may need while being in space without facing any problems while accomplishing different tasks.

5 3D printed meat

To hear about 3D printed cells that are functional and look like the human ones may sound possible for you but what about 3D printed food? It may be difficult for you to imagine that a 3D printer can produce food for you to eat. Do you like meat and do not want to get it from animals? The 3D printing technology solves this problem for you. Several experiments are done for regenerating tissues to get the needed meat and enjoy eating it. What does this meat taste like? It is the question that needs an answer.

4 3D printed cars

It is an interesting thing to drive a 3D printed car. 3D printed cars do not require a long time to be finally manufactured as they only take about 44 hours to be printed and this time is much shorter than the time which is needed for designing a car as the design may take years to be finished. What is designed in years takes just hours to be finished. The world’s first 3D printed car appeared in September 2014 and was manufactured by Local Motors. The 3D printed cars are light in their weight and are believed to be the greenest cars on Earth. The best thing about the 3D printed cars is that they can be easily customized.

3D printed cars ..
3D printed cars.

3 3D printed unborn babies

You had to wait nine months to touch your baby and see him\her in front of your eyes, but now you do not need to do this. Thanks to 3D printers, it is now possible for you to get a 3D model of your baby using 3D sonogram. This means that you can get several models in each stage to be able to immortalize what happens to your baby before coming out to this life. You can also 3D print the face only through using ultrasound.

2 3D printed homes on the moon

Creating small 3D printed objects through using the ordinary 3D printers that we know may seem traditional for most of us, but what about large objects or structures like homes? Do you believe that there is a 3D printing device that can build homes and do this job for us without requiring spending a lot of money, wasting a long time and hiring many laborers? With the modern 3D printing technology, nothing is impossible and anything you can think of is easy to be 3D printed. Using 3D printing devices for building homes does not stop here on Earth, as there are several attempts that are made to start building on the moon using the moon dust that is available there.

3D printed homes on the moon

1 3D printing in fashion & home decoration

The invasion of 3D printing increases and spreads more and more to finally reach what we wear and use in our homes. 3D printing can be found in the clothes that we wear and even the accessories that we use to complement what we wear and increase our elegance. There are several 3D printed items that appeared in fashion shows and this trend is going to increase more and more to replace what we use now and wear. 3D printing can also be found in the decorative items that we use in our homes such as lamp shades, vases and other decorative items that we need.

3D printing in new fashion (1)
3D printing in new fashion (2)
3D printing in new fashion (3)
3D printing in new fashion (4)
3D printing in new fashion (5)
3D printing in new fashion (6)
3D printing in new fashion (7)
3D printing in new fashion (8)
3D printing in new fashion (9)
3D printing in new fashion (10)

  3D printing in home decoration


3D printing in home decoration (1)
3D printing in home decoration (2)
3D lamp
3D printing in home decoration (4)
3D printing in home decoration (5)

Talking about 3D printing and its wonders will never stop one day

Other wonders of 3D printing

3D printed selfies
3D printed selfies

3D printing for rebuilding faces
3D printing for rebuilding faces

3D prototype print

3D printed organs
3D printed organs
The first wheelchair for kids to cost just $100
The first wheelchair for kids to cost just $100
3D printed contact lenses
3D printed contact lenses

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