Top 10 Romantic places in the world

Is it Valentine’s Day? Are you honeymooners? Are you fleeing the stresses of everyday life and willing to change the routine? You should visit a very romantic place, where you both feel that you are a match made in heaven. These romantic moments are not too long, but they are precious, so you should fully enjoy them in a very lovely manner. Thus, renew your life, spend an unforgettable Valentine’s Day, or have an exceptional honeymoon in one of these places.

10 Jaisalmer:

It is the stonework fort in Rajasthan. It appears in the eastern desert, taking the shape of a volcano up-and-coming from the sea. Indeed, it is well-decorated with complicated latticework and majestic residences that turn it from a citadel to hotels making it sound more like a source of revenue museum.

9 Spanish Idyll Seville:

It is the capital of Andalusia, and is considered to be a treasure of the Christian and Moorish architecture. You can plunge into the clandestine gardens of the Barrio de Santa Cruz. Meeting the sunrise over the Guadalquivir River will make your day, certainly.

8 The Fashionable Bath:

It is a stylish Bath that has forever and a day been the complete place for a lovers’ city break. It is the merely place in the England, where you can bathe in originally hot Spa water and innovative roman style baths. This renders it the vital Spa place for centuries.

7 Hotel Conde de Villanueva:

Havana is a city of the most pleasant kind of romance. Hotel Conde de Villanueva, the ex-residence of a Spanish merchant lived in the seventeenth century is the most capturing places in this city. Spend a night or more in its bedrooms, then you will say “I am yours” to your soul mate in a very pleased and passionate manner.

6 Anse Chastanet Resort:

The Anse Chastanet Resort in St. Lucia is the masterpiece of romance. Enjoy a night bedside candles and the delicate mosquito nets sparkling in the soft gentle breeze. Actually, the resort is located in the core of the St. Lucia marine reserves and almost surrounded by most of the island’s coral reefs which are first-rated for scuba diving and snorkeling. Take a shot there, saying that you are infatuated with each other.

5 The Turkish Mediterranean:

Taking a gullet in the Turkish Mediterranean is one of the best ways to have a romantic holiday. Watching the sunset behind the woody hills is very impressive. Sleeping with the stars is an extraordinary feeling you can enjoy in this voyage. Lady, it is an unprecedented way to state your love to your Prince Charming.

4 Hotel Bel-Air:

It is the most romantic spot in Los Angeles. Having dinner with your couple in the terrace under bougainvillea vines is a very attractive shot to be included in your romantic life album. The ever-present fragrance of avocado makes you pleased as Punch. It is complicated to get tickets for Valentine’s Day in this hotel, it is full.

3 La Posada de las Termas de Papallacta:

It is found in Ecuador. You can get relaxed and comforted in the hot springs of water served there. Over 10,000 feet, the pools present a fluid break from the cool air temperatures; you can perceive lines to the soaring green Andes enveloping you. The Spa’s hydrotherapy region includes five hot thermal pools. The Thermoludic Area is the supreme destination to enjoy an assortment of hydro-massages by means of water jets or air bubbles. It is the most suitable place in Ecuador where you can renew a honeymoon.

2 Post Ranch Inn:

It is an Oceanside hideaway off the Pacific Coast Highway of California. It includes 7 cliffside rooms with king-sized beds. You will not wink or stop looking at your princess’s eyes, as there is no means of disturbance. The honeymoon packages with length of two to five nights let you begin your lives together through magical scenery encircled by lofty redwoods and never-ending ocean panoramas.

1 Utah’s Solitude Mountain:

Taking pleasure in Utah’s Solitude Mountain will absolutely change your mood into a romantic fresh one. The cold pure air there will give you a sense of a renewed life. Spend a couple of weeks there, enjoying the winter’s snow, then you will hope to visit this spot again and again, as you will walk on the air, each time you go there!


Here are the most romantic places you can spend you passionate moments with second-half. Do not forget to record these valuable moments.

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