Top 10 Unusual Bikes that you will like!

Nowadays, it’s hard to look for unique things. Everybody drive similar vehicles. However, if you like bikes and want something that would set you apart from others, here are ten unusual bikes you can choose from.

10 Calfee Road Bike

If you’re searching for a bike that has a crash tolerant frame, stiffer than most carbon frames, and has an amazing vibration dampening, Calfee Road Bike is a good choice for you. Its frame is extremely stiff, which only means it transfers power from you to the road efficiently. Impacts and stress from falls do not damage the frame as much as carbon fiber or aluminum, and in spite of being stiff, it’ll offer you a smooth ride.

9 Hula Bike

Rather than a conventional drivetrain, HulaBike utilizes a rear wheel that eccentrically laced. Since the hub is offset from the rim’s center, the bike may be propelled through hopping down and up with the proper rhythm.

8 Tiny Fold Up

If you are short on space or like being different, this bike is both unusual and awesome. It’d be easy to store in a trendy tiny house.

7 Sabamba Bugabike

This like-bike from Sabamba is made from varnished birch plywood as well as high-grade lead-free steel. Sabamba Bugabike is made so children cannot turn the steering wheel too far in a direction and get rid of jackknifing.

6 Water Bike

HydroBike is a quiet and fun way of having a trip on the water during summer.

5 Record Breaker

This bike won a Guinness World Record for being the heaviest bicycle in the world. It may not be a fast-moving bike, yet it is rideable. Its front tire weighs a hundred pounds.

4 Waldmeister Single Speed

Not only it’s a single-speed bike, but also it’s made from Beechwood. Two items off your bucket list in a go. Waldmeister is a German manufacturer and has built bikes that look like a piece of art. The wood material used is from Germany’s sustainable forest and the bike has high-end parts. It’s also handmade; and to make the unique bike more expensive, it’s made up of 100 thin wood layers.

Another good thing about this bike is that even if it’s made of wood, it isn’t stuck in the Middle Ages. Beechwood is extremely hard, making its frame durable. Its frame design was calculated in a computerized way to use all wood properties to their advantage. Its finishing touch is Brooks Titanium saddle. With high quality and costly parts of this bike, you’ll surely need to carry some locks around with you to ensure that nobody steals it once you park it outside your local store.

3 Couch Bike

This is a regular sofa that’s transformed into a comfortable 2-person bicycle.

2 Eco-Friendly Bike

Donat Zsok, the bike’s designer, is from Romania. He made the bike entirely out of wood and promotes it as an eco-friendly bike.

And here are other eco-friendly bikes that look absolutely fantastic!

1 Sideway bikes

Crabs, skateboarders, and snowboarders will absolutely appreciate this sideways bike.

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