Top 10 Best Zumba Trainers in the World

Zumba is a mix of fitness and dance that is regularly practiced by over 14 million individuals in as many as 185 nations. The dance form was developed in 1990 by Alberto Perez, a Colombian choreographer, and dancer, and has since been very popular. Today, it is trendy across the globe and is taught by many experienced trainers and certified instructors in many countries. Find out about the top 10 Zumba Trainers in the world who are making waves with their moves and helping people burn their flab on the dance floor.

1 Alix Zumba [France]

Alix offers fitness in the form of Zimba or the other way round. Participants are trained in easy to follow Zumba training classes that work out the body with a combination of exercise and dance moves. Participants love to move to the beats of international chartbusters to shape their body. The classes are open to people with any level of fitness. The classes are offered in Paris and have been finding droves of participants for the last eight years. The classes are offered to people with an expert team comprising of fitness coaches and dance teachers. In every course, there is the promise of burning of up to 800 kcal for every member.

2 Gina Grant Zumba

A prominent Zumba Education Specialist (ZES), Gina Grant lives in Portland and travels across the globe to share her expertise and vision with fitness and dance enthusiasts. She has certification from the ACE (American Council on Exercise) and the AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America). As a leading fitness expert, Grant has graced the covers of many international magazines. She has worked with many international recording artists such as Pitbull, Paulina Rubio and Daddy Yankee, and appeared in a cameo in Yankee’s “Limbo.”

3 Didem Zeybek (Zumba with Didem) [Turkey]

Didem Zeybek runs Zumba Fitness LLC and works as a Zumba Education Specialist (ZES). A certified Zumba Instructor, Zeybek teaches this dance-fitness activity at Hillside City Club Trio in her Zumba classes. She has multiple certifications, as a Zumba Gold Instructor, Zumba Kids JR Education Specialist, Aqua Zumba Instructor, and Zumba Toning Instructor. She is also a licensed swimmer and volleyball player, Pilates Coach Reformer and Personal Trainer. One of the first licensed Zumba instructors in Turkey, she teaches dance in a fun and safe environment and helps participants stay in shape with fun moves.

4 Loretta Bates [USA]

A Zumba Education Specialist, Loretta Bates has been certified by ACE as a certified personal trainer and by AFAA as a group fitness instructor. She has made appearances in many fitness videos that have sold to other fitness trainers as well as to the public and has presented in more than seven nations as an International Fitness Presenter. A Certified Group Fitness Instructor, she is also capable of offering group training sessions. As CPR Certified trainer, she has appeared as a model for the cover the Zumba World Party Video Game as well as for the ZLife Magazine.

5 Bobi Ivanov & Ilian Ivanov (Zumba Twins Zin) [Germany]

The Zumba Twins comprises of two members, the twins Bobi Ivanov and Ilian Ivanov. Both are licensed Zumba fitness instructors and train Zumba in a fun way, which takes the boredom out of fitness routines. The two had started their journey in 2013, and have come a long way in all these years. The twins have also brought in some amazing instructors on board, who make the process more fun and effective.

6 Niina Shablinskaja (Zumba with Niina) [Belgium]

Niina Shablinskaja teaches Zumba in Brussels, the largest city and capital of Belgium. Whether participants want to experience positive emotions, feel good or lose weight, indulge in a more interesting workout session or simply dance to get rid of all the excess flab, they can take up Zumba and have a fun, easy and efficient journey to weight reduction.

7 Sybil Woods (Zumba with Sybil) [LA, USA]

Sybil Woods is a licensed Zumba Instructor and teaches in Louisiana in her dance fitness institute Zumba Fitness, LLC. She has been in the thick of things since 2011 and teaches participants in a lively ambiance with lots of energy. People of any fitness level can join in her classes and dance their way to fitness. Dance sessions with Sybil are like a party, which make participants burn many calories rather than pile up on them.

8 Henry Cedeño Zumba [Florida, USA]

Henry Cedeño was the first kid to become s a certified worldwide Zumba instructor when only 11 years in age. He has appeared in various TV shows such as Zumba Kids and Despierta America with Tania Amthor. He offers Zumba classes in Florida and has taken part in many special Zumba events and Zumbathons that have brought him a lot of acclaim and attention.

9 Rony Gratereaut Zumba [Florida, USA]

Rony Gratereaut teaches Zumba at various fitness gyms and dance studios, with six classes in each week. He was only 24 when he was exposed to Zumba after moving to Orlando in Florida, and it was RhythmX’s Vanessa Valentin who offered him the inspiration to become an instructor in the Zumba form and changed his aim and vision in life. An international Zumba Fitness presenter, he teaches in multiple stages across the globe – like Zumba Club Med Vacation, Home Office Connection, ZIN Academy and Zumba Fitness Convention. He has visited many nations like South Korea, Egypt, Hawaii, Scotland, Mexico, and the USA.

10 Moe Chit [Myanmar]

Moe Chit is from Myanmar, and her passion for Zumba has made her a major instructor in the dance form. With her, every dance session is similar to a party. Even people who do not know about dancing and even the basic moves can learn a lot from her and get a hold of Zumba in a few weeks. Once participants follow the lead of Moe Chit, the rest comes in automatically. For the last two years, she has been working as a Zumba instructor. She is also qualified in Zumba Pro Skills, Zumba Basic and Zumba Basic 2.

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