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Top 10 Strangest Swords in The World of Fiction

The first sword came to existence in the Bronze Age in 1600 BC. It was mainly used in fencing just a method in wars no more in use. Any sword consists of two parts the blade and hilt. The part where the fighter grips is the hilt, in the end of which a circular part is called the pommel: it counters the blade’s weight and prevents the sword from slipping. Though swords are rarely used in the modern day, they are imaged in movies and fictional works from all around the world, the most famous of them are displayed below.

10 Lightsaber

The inspiration for this sword was first presented in the famous film Star Wars produced in 1977. Since then, nearly every star wars series or movie featured the sword. Like a detonator, Lightsaber cut through an object and leaves visible effects. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is another show where the sword appeared.

9 Gram Sword

The gram sword dates back to mythological origins not to movies or novels. In ancient Norway, the god Odin is the hero of our mythology. Odin used the magical Gram sword and dip it into a tree to make a prize for any person who would be able to pull it free. Sigmund did and his reward was a stab from this same sword that brought him to his death.

8 Durendal

From the French old literary works came this historical sword. In Matter of France, Durendal was the possession of Charlemagne. The sword is supposed to have the tooth of Saint Peter and the hair of Saint Denis.

7 William Wallace’s Sword

William Wallace was a hero from the Scotland of the 13th century. His power was doubled with his magical sword. The long blade, the leather hand and the pommel offered William Wallace extra power and potentials.

6 Master Sword

If you played the Zelda game, you would be familiar with the Master Sword. You know that you start the game with an ordinary one then when you go levels up you start having more powerful swords till you reach the Master one.

5 Damocles’ Sword

King Dionysius used to have a courtier under the name of Damocles. Damocles once looked forward to living like a king and asked Dionysius to change place with him for one day which the king accepted. For one day the courtier waited upon for meals and ordered whatever he wanted. One sword loomed before his eyes and reminded him with the great power of the king, but the fear instilled in him and bid him to leave.

4 Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi

From the Japanese legends, one sword became eternal. The sword was given as a present for Yamato Takeru. It was planned afterwards that Yamato be burned the thing that happened in a few days. Yamato tried to save himself by using his sword to cut the plant; during this time he realized that he can control the direction of the wind as well.

3 Excalibur

We know King Arthur, the English ruler, Excalibur is his magical sword. It still is not his only sword. The sword in Stone was so powerful. The first was unbreakable but King Arthur lost it in the sea where a hand caught it!

2 Vorpal Sword

The Vorpal Sword appeared in a poem by Lewis Carroll called Jabberwocky. The poem tells the story of a young boy who killed a monster, the namesake of the poem. This word has no meaning in different dictionaries, yet readers could have figured out its meaning to be “sinister.” The vorpal swords are now featured in different video games.


1 Shamshir-e-Zomorrodnegar

This sword is a Persian one adorned with amazing diamonds, in the legend of Amir Arsalan. Fulad-zereh was a demon whom only this sword can kill. Additionally, if any one was wounded by this sword, he could only be healed through drinking part of Fulad-zereh’s brain.


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