Top 10 Most Powerful Countries in The World

We can measure the powerfull of the country by collecting information about (National Power Index). This index depends on some factors such as GDP (Gross domestic Product) ,country’s population and the most important factor is Defense budget. We will compare between countries in 2012 and 2014 according to National Power Index.

10 spain:

National power index in 2014 is (.90). Spain doesn’t have any rank in 2012 but in 2014 Spain ranked 10th order instead of Israel. Spain gives care to its military and planned well to its budgets .



National power index in 2014 is (.68). Canada doesn’t make a massive change or advance because it’s rank remain the same as it’s rank in 2012, but Canada has a high standard of living and strong economy with high GDP.


National power index in 2014 is (.70). It’s also achieve a great effort to reach this rank. Italy makes a great development in many fields and takes care with its economy, technology and Military.So it can achieve this rank in National power index.


National power index in 2014 is (.75). In 2012 was #5 in National power index it has dropped down with two order.Generally Japan has a strong economy with respect to its automobile industry. although Japan is a small country it has the highest population world-wide. it spends a huge care with its Military and defense budget.


National power index in 2014 is (.77) . In 2012 Russia was occupy the third order in National Power index. Russia has a strong Military capability and more energy resources. So Russia consider a strong country with respect to its National power index .


National power index in 2014 is (.77) the same as Russia. In 2012 it was occupy the 7th order .Germany makes a great advance .it is known for its strong economy.Germany spends a lot on its military so Germany achieve a higher rank.

4United Kingdom:

National power index in 2014 is (.83). Its rank in 2014 was 6th .UK also makes a great and huge development in its defense budget. Uk consider the largest military spender. United kingdom has an advance ranking in its Growth domestic product.


National power index in 2014 is (.84). In 2012 its rank was 4th. France is well-known with its high standard of living and that is a member the United Nation Security Council.


National power index in 2014 is (.85). In 2012 it is also has a second rank . It’s the most power full country in the world after united State of America .It has a good international future model.China makes a massive expand in its military and economic areas .

1United States:

National power index in 2014 is (.90). The most power full country in the world with respect to its GDP. It has a strong Military and wide energy resources .

Note : National power index is a comprehensive list that ranks countries according to its economic, population,Military, technology  and energy security .



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  1. Spain? 25% population is out of work. Italy’s inclusion too raises questions. Brazil and India are really obvious, infact, India should be at 5, instead of Germany. South Korea, with its respectable conventional arsenal, might deserve a place, and Israel too

    1. India? why do u think India? This is national power Index, it including economy,military,technology, education, infrastructure. Not just focus on one thing. Do u think India should be here? education? infrastructure? technology?

    1. Absolutely no! This is national power Index. Indian industry, education, infrastructure and sea exploding power are bullshits. Spain, and Italy, they have good educational systems and good infrastructure and good social welfare. Do u understand? India has 0 university in world famous universities top 300.

    1. Who cares of this fucking list.Look at the names like italy,spain,canada, dont deserve in this list. Italy and spain are history,bankrupt nation.

  2. I am afraid to say but this is a biased mindset list. This list has partially selected areas to mention and condoned areas which should have been considered to justify the meaning of the word powerful countries.

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