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Top 10 Most Famous Snipers in The History

A sniper is a marksperson who is well trained to keep an eye on a target in order to snipe or shoot it. Snipers often take a position of shooting from which their aim is not able to see. The longest sniping distance was recorded in the Vietnam War; the most capable sniper at the time was Carlos Hathcock who was able to keep a record of 2286 meters. Hathcock went to America in order to establish a school for snipers. Our top ten list of most famous snipers is focusing the modern ones, skim and see who currently keeps the record after Hathcock.

10 Bruno Sutkus

Sutkus was a sniper of double nationality, German and Lithuanian. Sutkus was born in 1924 in Russia and died in 2003. He got his training in the 1940s in Vilnius then moved to work in the 68th Infantry Division. After a deep injury, Sutkus moved to teaching sniping at schools.


9 Zhang Taofang

Born in China in 1931, Taofang worked during the Korean war. He was known for his ability to aim at targets without using magnifiers; this helped him in sniping 214 times successfully with bare eyes.


8 Juba

Juba is an Iraqi sniper who is currently working under the Islamic army in Iraq. Not so much information is known about him since what is shared are only videos. With face covered it is not clear whether the name of Juba is shared among a number of snipers or there is just one.

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7 Simo Hayha

Known as the White Death, Hayha was born in Finland in the year 1905 and died in 2002. Hayha killed around 505 through sniping. Fighting in the Finnish army, Hayha was attacked by a Soviet sniper but survived. The incident wounded him in the face and he took years to get cured, which he did, after the wound left an obvious scar.



6 Vasily Zaytsev

Zaytsev was born in Russia in 1915 and died in Kiev in 1991. During World War II he was known as the hero of the Soviet Union. He managed to kill 225 from the enemy army in the Battle of Stalingrad. His total confirmed kills was up to 400.


5 Graham Ragsdale

Working in the Canadian Forces, Ragsdale was born in 1969 in Canada and started working as a sniper when he joined the Canadian Forces. He kept a record of long sniping from a distance of over 2000m. Ragsdale stopped working after he lost hearing.


4 Hesketh Vernon-Prichard

Different from other snipers in the list, Vernon-Prichard was an adventurer who visited many parts of the world and played many games like Cricket. He was born in India in 1876 and grew up in Britain where he served in its army in WWI.


3 William Sing

Sing was born in 1886 in Clermont and died in 1943. He used to fight for the Australian forces in the First World War. His life was eternalized in Gallipoli Sniper: The Life of Billy Sing, a biography written by John Hamilton and turned into a TV series.


2 Chuck Mawhinney

Charles Benjamin Mawhinney, known as Chuck was born in the United States in 1949. He used to serve in the Vietnam War when he managed to make 103 kills. Mawhinney spoke of his “love” for his work of after what he called “the ultimate hunting trip: a man hunting another man who was hunting me.”


1 Craig Harrison

Harrison was born in 1975 in the United Kingdom where he is fighting for the British Army. He keeps the record of the “longest confirmed sniper kill,” according to the Guinness World Records.


Snipers believe in what they do, they say that their actions are heroic because they only kill enemies or ones having guns. Do you agree? Let me hear from you below.

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