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Top 10 Most Famous Ancient Egyptian Feasts

Ancient Egyptian feasts were connected with all the kinds of food they eat on daily basis. However, as expected, there was a difference between what rich and poor Egyptians ate in their meals. In public festivities, still, people ate the same kinds of food. The following are the most common components of these feasts:

10 Wheat Feast

Wheat was used for a plethora of meals which we are still cooking today with and think it is our invention! First, ancient Egyptians did not plant wheat, they just found and cropped it till they came to use it so often, that is when they started to give it the care. It was used for making bread and porridge.

9 Barely And Bread Feast

Like wheat, the ancient Egyptians came to grow. Around 10.000 BC, people started to grow barely. It was made exactly like rice, in addition to making soup of it. Barely was also used in fermenting beer. And for bread, it was a part and parcel of any Egyptian meal, whatever it was in a fest or otherwise. It continued to be made from wheat and barely for centuries. The ancient Egyptians’ bread was hard to eat because the grinning of flower at that time was not that perfect as we do it today. But they were managing!

8 Mutton Feast

The meat of sheep occupied an important status for ancient Egyptians as it was the first kind of animals they bred.

7 Spices Feast

Ancient Egyptians used to relate their food with gods and goddesses. For Sea Salt, it was not their favorite as it remembered them of the god of chaos, Seth. They used other types of salt instead along with the pepper and cumin.

6 Olive Oil Feast

Used mainly instead of fatty food, olive oil was their major substitute. The ancient Egyptians appreciated olive so much that they would take it among their major diets.

5 Desserts Feast

The festivals of ancient Egyptians were the perfect occasions for making the best pastries. It was often looked like bread but sometimes roasted and sweet or with nuts and kernel. They also knew the honey cake that appeared in a considerable number of their festivals. They used honey in many of their desserts in order to sugar them.

4 Meat

Meat was a common meal for ancient Egyptians for both rich and poor. In their feasts, meat had a special place though. It was used heavily and offered for all people in time of festivals; beef, goat, sheep, gazelle, duck, and fish were the most common kinds of meat at the time.

3 Drinks Feast

Along with food, drinks were an integral part of any Egyptian feast. You would find the wine and beer the same as today, except that they were homely made back then as barely and grapes were their major ingredients. The ancient Egyptian would spend all the night celebrating and drinking as many of their recounting used to tell.

2 Fruits Feast

During festival nights, different kinds of fruits were served. They were as different as figs, grapes and others. In addition to using grapes in making wine, it was used to make raisin. Figs were cut into pieces and soaked in honey. It is amazing that all the kinds of fruits the ancient Egyptian consumed were cooked and prepared the same way we do it now.

1 Cheese Feast

Many of the cattles that the ancient Egyptians used to keep were a prolific source for them to make cheese. It was a major dish for the poor and rich and in every festival. What would be strange for some if they know that the ancient Egyptians were using cheese as a dessert as well and it appeared in many festivals eaten among honey cake and raisin.


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