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Top 10 Greatest Universities All Over The World

Education in universities is the most important stage, it decides your major and gets you qualified to meet the working environment. You should pick up the university that will serve you education enough to develop your personality and career. From the global universities, we pick the greatest universities in an article that helps you to decide your destiny.

10 University Of Oxford

Oxford is deemed to be the oldest university in world of English speakers and it is said that it has existed since 9 centuries. Oxford is known to be a globally famous center for both teaching and research. It is an educational center that is a destiny for students from all over the world. Over 18,000 with more than130 nationalities are present in Oxford. Moreover, it is an idealistic university, including 39 independent colleges yet belong to the University in a sort of federal system.

9 University College London

UCL is time after time featured as one of the three most important multi-faculty universities in England. It is placed in the heart of London and is enfolded by the best libraries, archives, museums, as well as professional bodies. The university is a multidisciplinary one, having a global fame for the excellence of its teaching and research. The programmes that are offered there reproduce the most recent research and are trained by energetic researchers.

8 Yale University

Yale University was established in 1701, it is the Collegiate School in Abraham Pierson’s home in Killingworth. Then in 1716, the school was transmitted to New Haven. Yale boarded on a stable development, having the Medical Institution, Divinity School, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, the School of Fine Arts, and School of Music (1894).

7 Princeton University

The University offers students academic and extracurricular resources in an inhabited community that helps them attain the uppermost scholarly levels. This policy helps the student to meet positions of leadership. By the scholarship and education of its faculty, Princeton looks for accomplishing its slogan, “Princeton in the Nations Service and in the Service of All Nations”.

6 Stanford University:

Stanford University provides its students with a significant variety of academic and extracurricular activities. There, cooperation across disciplines is vital to future progress. It provides both undergraduate and graduate students with chances to work intimately with both faculty and researchers. It is established in 1885, and is known as one of the world’s key educational institutions, having the most well-known faculties in the world.

5 Harvard University:

Harvard University is loyal to brilliance in all educational services, and to increasing leaders in a lot of disciplines to positively change the world. Harvard faculties are busy with teaching and research to put no end to the human knowledge. Harvard offers a supreme student experience and a bighearted financial aids, exceed $160 million granted to over 60% of the undergraduate students.

4 California Institute of Technology:

California Institute of Technology’s main concern is science and engineering researches. It is situated in Pasadena, California. It welcomes about 2,300 students and 300 faculties, and brags 31 Nobel laureates. Indeed, California Institute of Technology runs the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) for NASA. Moreover, it administrates an international system of astronomical observatories and research services.

3 University of Cambridge:

The University of Cambridge is deemed one of the oldest universities across the globe. The United Kingdom is featured of this university. Its exceptional academic achievement is famous internationally and reproduces the academic accomplishment of its students. The Quality Assurance Agency supports this fame.

2 Imperial College London:

It is a university that has more than 3,000 academic and research staff as well as about 15,500 students who belong to 125 nationalities. Its fame for superiority in educational services is home for students and staff of the maximum global quality.

1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology:

The Institute aims at producing, distributing, and caring for knowledge. MIT is enthusiastic at offering students an education that merges precise academic study and the discovery along side with the academic motivation of a miscellaneous campus community. We seek to develop in each member of the MIT community the ability and passion to work wisely, creatively, and effectively for the betterment of humankind.


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