Top 10 Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Luxembourg

Luxembourg is an associate of the European Union, NATO, as well as the United Nations, representing its political agreement in favor of economic, political, along with military incorporation. Concerning tourism, it has very specific places to enjoy. If you are planning for a journey, you should pay attention to the most beautiful places there. Here is a list of the top ten things to visit in Luxembourg.

10 Barrio Grund

Grund is a district in middle of Luxembourg City. It is situated in the valley underneath the center of Luxembourg City on the sides of the Alzette River and, plus being a charming area, it is a well-liked nightlife zone which can be reached via a lift which descends all the way through the cliff. In 2011, the quarter is inhabited by about 784 people, of which just 33% are Luxembourgers.

9 Casemates du Bock

It is a cape in the north-eastern side of Luxembourg City’s old historical region. Its rocky cliffs tower on top of the River Alzette borders it on three sides. It was here that Count Siegfried established his Castle of Lucilinburhuc, providing a base for the growth of the town. The Bock and the nearby defenses were shatterproof, attacked and reconstruct again as the armies of the Burgundians, paniards, as well as French competed for victory over Europe’s most tactical strongholds, the Fortress of Luxembourg.

8 Parc Merl

The park is placed in the west of the city, in the district of Hollerich, on its boundary with Belair. It is sided by avenue du 10 Septembre to the north-west, rue de Bragance to the south-east, as well as avenue Guillaume to the north-east.

7 Notre Dame Cathedral

It is located in southern Luxembourg. It was initially a Jesuit church, and its foundation stone was laid in 1613. The church is a notable illustration of late gothic architecture; but it also has a lot of Renaissance elements. At the concluding stages of the 18th century, the church gained the amazing representation of the Maria Consolatrix Afflictorum, the patron saint of the city.

6 Place Guillaume II

It is a town square situated in Luxembourg City. The square was at first the site of a Franciscan monastery, therefore the colloquial name. Yet, in 1797, throughout the French Revolutionary Wars, the monastery was deprived by the French soldiers. In 1804, Napoleon gifted Place Guillaume II to the city as a reward.

5 Historisches Museum der Stadt Luxemburg

The museum productively combines ancient architecture with modern. It has four refurbished houses from the 17th to the 19th century that still abide by the archeological traces from the Middle Ages. Examples of how to unite old buildings with the expectations of museum visitors are the hovering glass façade and the panoramic pinch which gives widespread views of all floors.

4 Mudam Luxembourg Modern Art Museum

It is a museum of modern art located in Luxembourg City. The museum stands on the place of the old Fort Thüngen, in the Kirchberg district, in the north-east of the city.

3 Les Trois Glands

It is called Fort Thüngen which is a historic strengthening in Luxembourg City. It is placed in Dräi Eechelen Park, in the Kirchberg district, in the north-east of the city. The majority of the unique fortress was destroyed after the 1867 Treaty of London that ordered the destruction of Luxembourg City’s many fortifications. The three towers were all that remained.

2 Rockhal

The Rockhal is deemed to be a concert hall in Esch-sur-Alzette, located in southern Luxembourg. It is released on 23 September 2005, and it has an utmost capacity of 6,500 people and is located on the previous industrial place of Belval.

1  Place des Martyrs

The Place des Martyrs is deemed to be a garden square in Luxembourg City. The square is located in the south of the Pétrusse valley. It is colloquially famous as the Rose Garden, owing to the red roses that overlook the garden’s floriculture.



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