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Top 10 Prophecies & Predictions in The World

Are you really curious about what is going to happen in the future? Do you want to know more about the catastrophes that are going to take place in the next year? Do you think that everything is going to be OK or we are moving towards destruction and catastrophes? Too many questions that quickly come to our minds once we read the title but the answers to these questions are just known by God and those seers who claim that they can see what is going to happen in the future. You can rarely find a seer who deserves to be trusted and it is impossible to say that there is a seer who is completely honest and does not make a mistake that is related to predicting what is going to happen in the future. Some prophecies really come true, while there are others that do not come as they were predicted such as those which are associated with the End of the World that appear from time to time. Let’s forget about all of that to move to what is more important; the prophecies. One of the most famous and reputed seers in the whole world is Nostradamus who was also a French apothecary and is widely known for his book “Les Propheties” which appeared for the first time in 1555 and has rarely been out of print since the death of its writer. There are several major events that happened in the world and were predicted before by Nostradamus such as World War II, the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the September 11 attacks, the death of Princess Diana and more events that led to increasing his popularity and making him highly reliable. Let’s discover more about what is going to happen in the next year through reading the following top 10 prophecies and predictions for 2015 by seers.

10. Talking to animals


Have you ever thought that you are going to talk to animals one day? Talking to animals is an interesting alternative to talking to human beings and it will be possible in the next years thanks to the scientific progress in telepathy. This will allow you to talk to your pets and the animals that you have on your farm.

9. People are going to be more than 200 years old


Thanks to the scientific progress and using advanced technology in medicine, people will be able to live for a longer time and the average human life span is going to be 200 years.

8. Licenses for having babies


As a try to tackle the problem of overpopulation in different countries around the world, there are governments that will force parents to get licenses for having children. Can it really happen? & How is it going to be controlled?

7. More exposure to ultraviolet radiation


As a result of destructing rain forests, the hole in the ozone layer is going to be larger which means that the amount of ultraviolet radiation that reaches the Earth is going to increase and this is completely harmful not just to humans, but all the creatures that live on the Earth.

6. Abolishing taxes


People will revolt against their governments refusing to pay taxes and this will start in the western countries to spread after that in the rest of the world. This will force the governments to abolish taxes which will allow people to enjoy complete freedom. We wish it will happen one day even if it is not in the next year.

5. Bad economic conditions


The global economy is going to collapse and the rich countries will suffer from such a problem that will affect other sectors and will lead to increasing the debt of different countries especially the developing ones. This problem may lead to a terrible global famine.

4. The major eruption of Mount St. Helen’s


Mount St. Helen’s that is located in Washington, United States and is renowned for its catastrophic and destructive eruption that took place in 1980 to be the deadliest in the history of the United States is predicted to erupt in May 2015 starting with an earthquake.

3. Destroying Damascus

The destruction of Damascus is certain in the next year and there will be massive casualties which is really disappointing not just for those who live in Syria and specifically in Damascus, but for all the people in the whole world as we all wish to live in a peaceful world which is free from wars especially civil wars.

2. Invading Israel

The invasion of Israel is going to be led by Turkey and it will follow the destruction of Damascus. The nations which are involved in this invasion are those which are currently fighting in Syria.

1. Mount Vesuvius and its violent eruption


The next eruption of Mount Vesuvius is predicted to be extremely violent unlike the other previous eruptions that occurred before. The major eruption is expected to take place in the next year or in early 2016 to be the worst and most destructive eruption by this mountain which means that there will be massive casualties. The earthquake that precedes the eruption is enough for killing about 6,000 to 16,000 which means the complete destruction of the surrounding area or even towns after the eruption.

Other major events that are predicted to take place in the next year include

1. The nuclear destruction of New York City and it will be by terrorism or military attack through using a nuclear device or rocket carried by a plane or a missile strike coming from another unidentified country.

2. A destructive war between Syria and Iraq is going to officially start in the next year.

3. The invasion of Japan by China and this is predicted to announce the beginning of the World WAR III.


4. The invasion of Georgia by Russia is going to happen AGAIN.

5. Striking Mars by an asteroid, comet or even fragments is predicted to take place in the next year.

6. Four blood moons phenomenon which shows that something is going to happen or change.


7. Lady Gaga is going to die during her voyage that is planned into space for performing on the Virgin Galactic flight. This may happen when the shuttle incinerate in space or during the reentry to the Earth.


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