Top 10 Most Beautiful Flowers (and their meanings)

Do you like flowers? Do you adore their aroma? Can a pleasant fragrance of a flower make your day? They bear symbols and names. Each flower differs from the other in many things. Colors and shapes offer the private soul of each and every blooming flower that can bring you to cloud nine. You will enjoy this article that presents a collection of the top ten most beautiful flowers on Earth.

10 Orchids:

Orchids are good-looking and delicate flowers with about 880 genera and 250,000 dissimilar species. Their geometrical shaped petals make them even more attractive and interesting. Pink and white orchid flowers may symbolize sympathy and compassion.

9 Sunflower:

Sunflowers’ birth is in Central and South America. They are unprecedented mixture of beauty and value. Concerning other uses, they are used for decoration and for providing oil and food. Sunflowers seem to have happy faces that always smile to the sun, that may represent warmth, pleasure and esteem. It is one of the most loved among all the gorgeous flowers in the world.

8 Daffodils:

Daffodils are amazing flowers, having long stems, golden-yellow colored, which are equal to spring. The botanical name of daffodil is Narcissus. It is also famous as jonquils in England. Daffodils represent renewal and freshness. They bring support and hope. So, a bad-mood person can be turned into a happy one, after just touching a Daffodil. Daffodils bear many meanings, including honesty and forthrightness. In China, it is symbol of fortune at any time the daffodils come into flower. If a person is offered a Daffodil, it ensures cheerfulness.

7 Dahlia:

Dahlia flower is a public flower of Mexico; it is named after botanist Anders Dahl, lived in18th century. It goes to an asteraceae genus with more than 30 species in its family.  Dahlia has an immense range of colors, including bronze to red and white to purple. This flower symbolizes warning or betrayal. However, in Victorian language, dahlia expresses feelings of decorum and elegance. Thus, dahlia is often used for flower decorations to rejoice love and wedding ceremony.

6 Carnations:

Carnation is as beautiful as the moon. Carnation name belongs to ‘corone’, as it was used in Greeks crowning ceremonies. Carnation colors are several, the typical is pinkish purple. Each color carries a meaning, red carnation expresses admiration, while pink ones represent remembrance. White carnation symbolizes innocence and good luck. They are different in everything, even their petals’ shape. If you are down in the dumps, look at a Carnation.

5 Iris:

Iris flower is unique in beauty; it symbolizes wisdom, hope and courage. The cutting edge shaped plants denote sorrows. The symbolic meaning of Iris flowers differs according to colors. White Iris flowers represent purity, yellow ones symbolize passion, while blue Iris flowers represent hope and faith and finally, purple ones evoke wisdom. Iris is February birth flower. Only a look to this flower will get you in a mood of relaxation.

4 Magnolia:

Magnolia flowers are somehow different from others, as they have no petals. Yet, they have “tepals” which lead to like structures. Magnolia flowers’ colors are many, each one hint for something. These white ones are a sign of purity and perfection, the pink magnolia means youth and the purple one may offer best wishes for better health. Magnolias are also linked to the theme of life and are frequently symbolizes new birth.

3 Lavender:

Lavenders are like flowers including manifold florets and stylish stems. They come in several colors like purple, blue and violet. They are famous for their size and smell. Lavender symbolizes silence, loyalty and luck. Purple lavenders stand for royalty, classiness and elegance. They offer a different category of flowers, in general. If you are gifted a Lavender, you will be full of joys of spring.

2 Ranunculus:

Ranunculus is a brilliant colored flower, used for the most part for medical purpose.  There are many colors of Ranunculus, like yellow, pink, and red and white. It is a beautiful flower that can affect anyone via its beauty. This interesting flower symbolizes the glowing charm and glory. Dip into its fragrance.

1 Proteas:

These exclusive flowers are one of the oldest flowers, dating back at least 300 million years ago. The exceptional appearance and the beauty of this flower come from its thick stalk and physically powerful radiant flowers. It may symbolize power, variety and courage.

Pick one of these flowers and give it as a gift to someone, change mood of depression and sadness. Make a difference.

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