Top 10 Most Popular Religious Destinations in the World

Tourism is not intended only for beaches and resorts. It has many other purposes, that are sought by millions of tourists annually. There are many different sorts of tourism, such as the religious tourism. It is that kind of tourism that deals with the religious places. Many cities of religious importance and sacred holy places marked the ancient background of the world. So, the globe is full of these blessed spots that are visited by millions of people. Indeed, according to the World Tourism Organization, about 330 million tourists visit the world’s major religious spots every year. The Christian Camp and Conference Association utters that over 8 million people are engaged in CCCA member camps and conferences, together with more than 120,000 churches. Thus, here are the top 10 most visited religious places in the world.

10 Fatima, Portugal:

The Chapel of the Apparitions is founded in the place of a Marian apparition that sighted by three peasant children in 1917. Annually, since then on the anniversaries of the apparitions, the streets of Fatima are full with masses of pilgrims who make their way to the sacred site. Fatima is home to many striking churches and monuments. There are shops selling religious souvenirs, as well as hotels. It includes a scene that expresses acts of faith.


9 Lourdes, France:

It is the largest pilgrimage site in France, which includes about 5 million pilgrims a year. Lourdes’ significance comes from the apparitions of Our Lady of Lourdes where plentiful astounding healings take place. Tourists stay in one of 270 hotels in the city, to visit the Sanctuary of Lourdes. This hotel includes the Grotto where pilgrims can give out Lourdes water and about 126 acres of 22 separate spots of worship. It is a place to be as patient as Job.


8 Golden Temple, India:

The Golden Temple is a place of worship that is located in Amritsar, India. It is traditionally a vital religious site for the Sikh faith. The Golden Temple includes at average 50 thousand visitors, as it represents a strong Sikh groundwork and separate uniqueness and heritage, making it the third most well-liked pilgrimage spot. On the other hand, creed can come to this open pilgrimage mark to hunt spiritual comfort, ease, and carry out individual prayers.


7 Einsiedeln, Switzerland:

Einsiedeln is a popular religious tourism destination, due to its Benedictine Abbey, that is one of the most imperative pilgrimage sites in Switzerland. Over 100,000 religious tourists visit this place annually to see the statue of the Black Madonna. They head also to Panorama Crucifixion of Christ, a giant rounded painting. The town, with reference to 25 miles southeast of Zurich, is very near from many picturesque hiking trails in the Swiss Alps.

Einsiedeln, SwitzerlandEinsiedeln, Switzerland

6 Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mexico:

Annually, about 10 million people head to Our Lady of Guadalupe Basilica, it is the home of the most all-the-rage Marian shrine in the world, and is ranked the second-most-visited Catholic church internationally, after Saint Peter’s Basilica. Concerning the Catholic News Agency, it states that “Lady from Heaven” appeared to a poor Indian named Saint Juan Diego and recognized herself as the Mother of the True God, telling him to build a church on the site and leaving an image of her.

Our Lady of Guadalupe

5 Czestochowa, Poland:

Poland’s Christian history is 1,000 years old, and during that time the city of Czestochowa has experienced periods of enemy invasions. The shrine to the Black Madonna in Jasna Gora Monastery symbolizes the Poles’ determination to protect their heritage, catching the attention of more than 4 million visitors yearly. The painting of the Black Madonna has been the theme of miracles, such as bleeding after being struck with a sword during a Hussite assault in 1430. It is an astonishing place, where faith can be felt.

Czestochowa, Poland


4 Vaishno Devi Temple, Jammu and Kashmir:

The Mata Vaishno Devi temple is located Jammu and Kashmir near Katra, founded on an elevation of 5200 feet. More than 8 million tourists visit the temple every year, to be the second trendiest religious place in the country. It is one of the most valued sites for Hindus.


vaishnodevi temple gate

3 Jerusalem, Palestine:

Annually, about 2 million visitors go abroad to Jerusalem, being a sacred places for the three holy religions; Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. For Christians, it is the place of the Last Supper, the Crucifixion, and the rebirth of Jesus. Concerning Muslims, it is the third most respected site in Islam as it was where Prophet Muhammad ascended to heaven.


2 Vatican, Italy:

It is visited by about 4.2 million people, every year. Catholics consider it to be a sacred place including monuments to a range of saints and papal power houses all circled around. It is said that it was here in the middle of the circus, where St. Peter died. From the time of 1929, Vatican City has been a self-governing city-state.

vatican walls

1 Mecca:

Annually, bout 13 million Muslims visit Mecca in Saudi Arabia, it is a largest pilgrimage spot. During the last month of the Islamic calendar, approximately two million Muslims go to Mecca for Hajj. The Islamic pilgrimage includes carrying out a chain of rituals, such as circumambulating the Kaabah independently, praying, and wandering between Safa and Marwah, the two hills Hagar lopes between searching for water for her son Ishmael.



This list includes the most popular religious destinations in the world. Thus, these places represent a great significance to people and countries they locate in.



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