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Top 10 Most Expensive Cats in The World

Do you like cats? Many people like keeping pets at their homes. You may even find more than one kind of pets at some homes such as cats and dogs. Cats are among the most common pets that are loved by many people regardless of their age. They are good companions whether it is at your home or outside it while going for a walk or enjoying your time in a park. But what will you say when you know that there are cats which cost thousands of dollars? It sounds unbelievable for you, isn’t it? There specific factors that make some cats high in their prices to be ranked among the most expensive cats in the world. They may have unique features that cannot be found in other traditional cats, may be original breeds or sought after by celebrities and are very popular among people. Discover more about the most expensive cats and their prices through reading the following top 10 most expensive cats in the world.

10. British Shorthair – $500 – $1,500

British Shorthair

It is ranked as the 10th most expensive cat breed in the world. It is also known as one of the most popular cat breeds that are sought after by many people in the United Kingdom. Its features make it popular in different cat shows to be registered by UK’s Governing Council of the Cat Fancy as the most popular cat breed.

9. Scottish Fold – $200 – $3,000


It is placed in the 9th position on the list and has unique physical features that make it highly wanted. The face of the cat looks like that of an owl because of its ears that bend down towards its forehead to seem as if it does not have ears. Its ears make it sometimes called lop-eared cat to be like the lop-eared rabbit which has the same physical feature.

8. Sphynx cat – $300 – $3,000


It may look ugly for you because it does not have fur like other traditional cats, however it is ranked as one of the most expensive and also one of the most popular cat breeds. Its skin comes with different patterns that make you feel as if it is covered in fur.

7. Russian Blue cat – $400 – $3,000


This kind of cats is known to be intelligent, curious, playful and friendly not just to young children but to other pets also which makes Russian Blue cat considered for many cat lovers as a perfect option to be kept at their homes.

6. Peterbald cat – $1,200 – $5,000

It is the 6th most expensive cat on our list and has too many features that increase its price. This cat is smart, peaceful, sweet-tempered, curious, energetic, peaceful and friendly. It follows you wherever you go and is friendly not just to you and your young children, but to other pets also.

5. Persian cat – $500 – $5,500


You are the most gorgeous one on the list, do you know that? Its beauty makes it one of the most popular cat breeds in different countries around the world which increases its price. It has all the features that can increase the beauty of any cat as it has long and soft fur, shortened muzzle, round face and is also unpretentious and peaceful to be a perfect choice for those who want a catchy cat that can be kept at home. It is worth mentioning that the name of the cat is derived from its origin as it originated in Persia which is known now as Iran.

4. Allerca hypoallergenic cat – $6,000

This cat is known to have a gene that causes human cat allergies which made the scientists try to disable this gene or delete it to make the cat safe for those who have cat allergies. Although the cat has this problem, it is ranked as the 4th most expensive cat in the world.

3. Bengal cat – $1,000 – $25,000

Bengal cat - Kitten-4-1024x770

It is a hybrid cat breed of an Asian Leopard Cat and a domestic feline. This combination gives this cat different features such as the wild appearance, spotted body and its structure that is taken from the Asian Leopard Cat and it also has a gentle temperament of a domestic cat but this happens after being separated by at least four generations from the crossing.

2. Savannah cat – $1,500 – $50,000


It is the 2nd most expensive cat in the world and is also the 2nd hybrid cat on our list as it comes from the cross between a domestic cat and another serval cat. Savannah cat is very intelligent and loyal to its owner to the extent that it is compared to the dog in terms of loyalty.

1. Ashera cat – $15,000 – $100,000


The winner on our list is Ashera cat that is ranked as the most expensive cat in the world as its price ranges from $15,000 to $100,000. It is the 3rd hybrid cat on our list and is a result from the cross between the Asian Leopard Cat, the African serval and the domestic housecat. It is considered to be the rarest cat in the world and has many features such as being affectionate, loyal and intelligent. There are examples of Ashera cat that are proven to be Savannah cats by DNA testing.

Which cat do you like the most?

Is it the Persian cat or there is another one that you like? 

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